Monday, March 25, 2013

Extreme Easter: Kim vs. Ryan PART II

Of course, right after I posted the start to the basket for Ryan, he started working on mine.
By "working," he left it on the table for me to see.
But he also became frustrated because he doesn't consider himself to be very creative.
My husband is not a creative nor romantic man, so for him to go along with my idea of making each other Easter baskets was a stretch but he was such a good sport.
If you saw my post yesterday, I showed how I chose to pack the basket but I wasn't quite done just yet.  After Ryan became frustrated, he just handed me my basket and the basket I was making him wasn't quite finished.

 I decided to fill the eggs with fun relationship "coupons" and compliments.
Want some fries with that shake? In case you didn't know, I like your butt.
 Yup, I've got all the moves ;)
 I made them rather large and just cut them into strips, like Easter fortune cookies eggs.

 Rolled them up and stuck them inside the plastic eggs that I just love :)

 Holly and Blu "helped" with the basket.  More like Blu kept trying to take the egg fortunes.

 The final product!  Three chocolate bunnies, 12-gauge shell coasters, Skyfall, Argo, stuffed animal bunny, plastic eggs, Reese's pieces carrots and a lot of paper grass.

I loved tucking the carrots into the grass to make them more authentic.

 Don't let that furrowed brow confuse you, he loved it.  Here he is busy reading the egg fortunes.

 Now the moment you've all been waiting for...

the basket Ryan made! =]
 I walked into the kitchen and saw this guy chillen in a bright colored basket.
It's a hamster in a chick costume.
It dances and raps...

Slightly blurry but it was gettin' its groove on.
Definitely not my usual stuffed animal but it's silly and fun.  Ryan also got me pepper spray and a knife.  I've been wanting a knife for awhile now so I was pretty excited to receive one and also got a lesson on how to properly apply pepper spray.

In other news, I've been busy e-mailing the next series of hosts for the Blogger Book Swap.
I am so excited about this and we're thrilled for the opportunity to put together a quality swap.
To get the anticipation going, our theme is:
 Preview to Summer 
It's going to be great and we're also featuring weekly link-ups to make the most out of your experience and why you all love to read!
We're searching for bloggers with a love of reading, books, blogging and a knack for fun.
If you think you would be a great fit, be sure to check back for the registration form in the very near future.  My co-hosts are incredible bloggers who are just kick-ass women.  
I am soooo excited for this!

Thanks for Reading!
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  1. I love that he got you a knife and pepper spray. So Ryan, so cute. :)

  2. Great job on Ryan's basket! And even though his was more simple, he put thought into it and gave you items you wanted/needed! Great hubby!


  3. Both baskets are so cute! I love the idea of coupons in the eggs! I actually may have to borrow this idea and use it for KC's Easter Basket.... :)