Thursday, August 16, 2012

Always, Sometimes, Never

The Daily Tay 

I've been a following a few of these link-ups and this one is just a fun, daily rant on what you've always, sometimes and never have done.  If you're looking for a hilarious blog, check out Taylor at The Daily Tay.

She's even composed an "adult" children's book and that's something I've always wanted to do.
Case of envy...probs.

My lovely Holly will always follow you into the bathroom and watch you.  Yep, even if it's number two.  Feeling a little bathroom shy?  You'll have to get over that quickly or shut the door before she finds a way in. What's extra adorable is that she'll check on you while showering.  From the curtain you'll see this little puppy nose trying to see what you're up to.  Oh hey Mom, just wanted to make sure there wasn't a door to Narnia in there.  She sometimes steals tissues and other articles out of the bathroom garbage.  I'm sure you can imagine that this can troublesome at times.  You can find them ripped to shreds in her kennel.  She's never not peed in the house...but she's a puppy and so darn cute!  Plus, that's why we have a black light and urine destroyer.

I always check my Blogger account on the daily, it's an addiction.  I sometimes debate deleting a few of the accounts that are on my blog reel but you have to go to your settings and then scroll through so I end up never deleting them.  Laziness at its finest.

I'm always hungry. Sometimes I don't tell my husband that I'm smuggling chocolate into our house. 
I never ask him if I can make cookies...I just do it.
He's a health nut- so he's not fan of that behavior either

Before buying anything that's pricier or considered an "extra" at a store, I always continue my shopping with that item in my hand or on my mind.  Usually a few aisles later, I'll come up with the deciding factor on whether or not to get it.  It usually ends up being a no, but sometimes I just straight up impulse buy.  My husband never likes this.

I will always be a proud Badger. Sometimes I get irritated by how the partying nature that's portrayed in the media can overshadow that's it's recognized as the 19th best university in the world.  I would never become too mad at the students for enjoying their college experience, whether it's partying, studying abroad, or simply being a friendly Badger.



  1. hey there! newest follower to your blog and found you from the linkup! thanks so much for joining in on the fun :) your blog is too cute! so excited to read more!

  2. Really lovin' these various link-ups! Thank you for the follow, I've been enjoying your blog posts as well :)