Saturday, March 30, 2013

Treat Yourself: How I Like to Spend a Night In Edition

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Every once in awhile, I love the feeling of sweatshirt material and the soft wrap of sweatpants as I lounge on one of our couches and enjoy something on Oxygen.  Give me some sorbet or frozen yogurt, a few good blog posts and my dogs sleeping (preferably with Blu not farting) and it's a little slice of heaven.

I feel like I was probably more glamorous in college, kinda like this:

Oh party on Langdon, let me tease my hair.
Gurl, Ima work dat updo

 Themed party? I've got the most perfect corsette for that.  
Oh and it's raining, don't worry we can totally werk rain.

But now, I kinda like this more:

Do I look sexy like this? What about this?
I am soooooo attractive (runs around in granny panties)

Going to the library or local bookstore and pouring over books, shelves, and displays for hours.

Oxygen has been providing me with hours of my favorite movies, including Pride and Prejudice...twice.  So much to the point that I went to Target to buy it for $4 #clutch 
 "Blu you've been farting too much, you need to go outside."
"Holly if you jump on that counter one more time, I swear."
"Everyone went potty, time for a treat!"

There are so many times I would rather take a nice hot shower with some delicious scents compliments of Bath and Body Works, slip on comfy pajama pants and an over-sized tee and just hang out.  I love watching romantic movies or romcoms or even catching up on shows that I've missed.  A Lifetime Movie Network yes, I'll take that.  No make-up all day- my skin is probably thanking me.  My "kids" are my adorable dogs who are a handful and if during a commercial break I can fold laundry, it means I won't have to do it later.  My oh so glamorous life is feeling pretty good right now.  At least I'm comfortable, some poor college girl is running around barefoot on a frathouse floor because she wore heels to the party.  Y'all know those floors are way too questionable. 

 photo simplicity_signature2_zpsa3727539.jpg

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  1. Love Pride + Prejudice! Love romantic comedies! And, of course, I love me some books + book swaps. SIGN.ME.UP.

    Blessings + Hugs,

  2. Yes! Yoga pants haven't just become workout attire for me. They're my favorite lounge wear of choice. I would rather spend a night in now with a glass of wine rather than spending way too much for a glass of something out at a bar/club. I love curling up with a good book or a well-loved movie. It's all about simple pleasures now.

    I'm excited for the next book swap!

  3. Those floors are sticky. And sketchy.