Saturday, April 27, 2013

P2S Book Care Package Ideas

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!
Earlier this week I posted about some tips and tricks in approaching a book swap.
Sometimes you never know how these swap things work, 
so don't be afraid to ask us if you have any questions.

I have had so much fun reading your responses from the registration.
All of you sound like so much fun and we have so many different personalities, I love it!
Some of you are moms, runners, bakers, crafters, career women 
(who the run world...Beyonce shout-out), students, and people who have a nerdy side.

It got me brainstorming on what type of care packages I would make if any of you fantastic women were my partner.  So I created some book care package collages and you can see them below.  Some of the ideas were from Pinterest and others I got from shops like Fred Flare or Urban Outfitters.  I highly recommend checking out your local craft store or Target because many their dollar bins often have really cool items.  Last time I checked Target they had glass terrariums which are usually way more expensive than $1.  Some ideas from Pinterest actually have tutorials, so if you feel like getting a little crafty, why not?

For the fans of chick lit, I was inspired by the fun whimsical covers of many of the books considered "chick lit."  I found authors similar to the writing style of Sophie Kinsella on Goodreads.  From there, I chose two different books, one from author Jane Green and the other from Lindsey Kelk.  I figured this would be a good tactic to find authors that my partner would be enjoy and maybe she hasn't read yet.  I also included a fun pattern infinity scarf, which is perfect to wear on cooler summer nights, heart-shaped sunglasses because of the romance found in chick lit books, and flowers in a can.  These items I found on Fred Flare, however, you can find similar items at Target.

For fans of traveling, I tried to find items that would fit into the love of exploring new places and even staying within your resident abode.  I found this French "bonjour" nametag wallet on Fred Flare for those who have traveled to France or enjoy a little humor.  The Russian doll is actually a manicure kit, also from Fred Flare.  It's small, portable and really cute, perfect for the global traveler!  I also chose Eat, Pray, Love as the main book for the care package and a copy of Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences.  To capture memories from local travels or far abroad, I included a travel stub journal.
For the Pinterest-inspired book lover, I headed to the site to find some great tutorials and of course, inspiration.  I chose two popular books from different genres because I figured Pinterest lovers usually like best-sellers and sometimes going outside of their comfort zone.  I found a few tutorials on how to make cute necklace charms and of course Etsy sites that make tons of different book necklaces.  I also found tutorials on how to make different style bookmarks, including these cute peek-a-boo Dorothy ones.  You could also include a mug and several different items.  This type of care package is usually great to put together at book stores.  You could also provide the supplies and instructions for your partner to make the bookmark or necklace and it can be a crafting experience as well!
For the athletic book swap partner, there are so many different ideas I had but I also felt like this was a solid care package, one that any fitness-oriented person would enjoy.  I chose Wheat Belly because all of my fitness/personal-trainer friends have been recommending it and it's an educational opportunity for any healthy lifestyle.  I also chose Tuesdays with Morrie because I figured if someone is going through a difficult time with weightloss or their fitness goals or is simply exhausted after a long day, this book is inspirational.  I also included a Runner's I.D. bracelet which is a great resource to have if you enjoy working out in the great outdoors.  It's a safety precaution that can also be fashionable.  I also chose a pair of running shorts and a water bottle because both can help your partner achieve her fitness goals!
We have some awesome Mommas signed up for this swap and although I don't have any kids, I can only imagination how difficult and wonderful life can be.  So I turned this care package into a little bit of a relaxing experience for all our sweet moms out there.  I picked 50 Shades of Grey and The Art of Racing in the Rain.  One dealing with the sexy Christian Grey and the other with dogs, I thought two completely different books to help moms relax ;)  I also thought that moms deserve a bit of relaxation but don't always have the full time to go to a spa or nail appointment.  So I included a copy of People Magazine, the new style manicures that are easy to apply, and a statement necklace so mommas can put together a great outfit while on the go.

What are some great ideas that you have?

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  1. These are some really fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahh love the athletic one! Great ideas Kimberly :)

  3. Love those ideas!! Thanks for sharing! It's getting me excited for tomorrow's linkup. :) xoxo

  4. Fantastic ideas!! Thanks for some inspiration! I'm excited and brainstorming...


  5. GREAT ideas!!! I love them. I am so excited to do my package!