Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Good Approach to a Blogger Book Swap

Hello Preview to Summer (#p2s) Participants!
I am so excited to have 40 awesome bloggers as a part of this swap!
I made a quick video on some great ways to approach the swap.
My biggest tips include: 
be friendly
get to know your partner
send a book care package that you would love to receive.

Check it out if this is your first swap or if you've never gotten a good 
intro into swapping with another blogger.

When sending a used book, think about the condition it already is in.  If there are tears, stains, it looks like a hot mess, don't send that copy.  If you're requesting to swap new books, and you provide a list of potential books that you would like to receive, make sure to mix it up with new and older books.  New books can range from $15 as a paperback to $25+ as a hardcover.  That gets really expensive, quickly.  However, your partner may be able to find older best sellers on sale for 50% off.  For me I love used books that are in great condition.  I find best sellers (even new books) at thrift stores for $3 each.  The latest trip to Goodwill produced 3 "new" books for that price.  It's a great steal!  If you originally put new books only or a new book preference, consider that for your partner.  Used books can be great finds.  

For my partner Maria, we shared books that we love and other things that we enjoy in life.  She collects different copies of Wuthering Heights and one of her favorite reads in Wicked.  That's great information for me to create a care package for her.  If you're having any trouble, check out Pinterest or contact a co-host.  I know many of you have already received e-mails from a specific co-host, so feel free to send your questions her way.

Also make sure to send a card!  It makes me so sad to see participants not send a card or throw together a book and a cardboard bookmark.  Not that I wouldn't be appreciative of receiving a care package, but if we all put some time and effort into our partner's care package, this can be a lot of fun.

Last but not least, don't flake out.  I've spoken with so many of the participants and I think we have a solid group of bloggers.  To say it bluntly, it sucks when you put together a great care package and someone does not reciprocate at all.  There are great bloggers who put together a great package with books and fun personal items and then don't receive anything.  That is terrible!  Please don't put any of the co-hosts in that position to have to contact any of the participants for that reason.  It puts all of us between a rock and a hard place.  That's why we emphasize really getting to know your swap partner because we want each of you to have a great time!  We want each of you to receive thoughtful care packages.  Just remember that as you put together, think "would I like to receive this?"  It's that simple.  Finally along this same theme, make sure to blog about it.  Your partner took time and money to send you this and a great blog post with pictures and heartfelt content means the world to every one of us.

Living La Vida Holoka

I'm also guest blogging today over at Living La Vida Holoka and special thanks to Jessica for the opportunity :)  I talk about being a bit of a book snob, but it's not exactly a bad thing... ;)

Thanks for reading and enjoy being halfway through the week!

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  1. Costco's has some decent deals on books, too. Although I do have quite a collection of used books at home. I love books that have been well-read and traveled. There's a history behind the book itself as well as the story!

    Glad to have you guest posting today. Thanks for helping me out! :)

    1. Thanks for letting me guest post!! I was happy to put it together :)
      Sam's Club is the same way, usually the books are a few dollars cheaper and so of course, I can't say "no" ;) I do love used books so much, though. Thanks for commenting Jessica ♥

  2. Thanks for setting this all up! I am super excited about this swap! Will we get an email yet today then with our partners info.?

    1. All of the co-hosts split up the e-mails so you should be getting yours by tonight. If you haven't received it by tomorrow, shoot me an e-mail or tweet and we'll fix that :)
      I'm so glad that you're a part of this swap and I can't wait for you to meet your partner!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm SO excited about my swap partner!!


    1. Wonderful! Melissa is an absolute gem and I love her blog. I thought you two would be a great fit and so I hope you enjoy getting to know her better ♥