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Sip, Read, Swap: A Book Swap with Lynn from WishinGoodLuck

I always a love a good swap and that's probably why I am so excited to host Preview to Summer: A Blogger Book Swap. However, I don't host a book swap every month and in my "downtime" I like to explore the Blogosphere and discover other bloggers who love to read. Being a blogger has probably made my book addiction worse, but I think that's a bad habit I can live with. Blogs can range from being book-themed, writer-themed, or even lifestyle blogs, but you can still find a blogger who loves a book (or eReader in her hands). 

I'm part of the Literary Junkies Bookclub, again another opportunity I found by exploring the blogging community and coming across other people who love to read. Jen from That's What She Read, shared with us an opportunity to connect through a Blogger Book Swap (my favorite!). I quickly signed up and was excited to discover that I partnered with Lynn (otherwise known as Elle) from:
She is one of my favorite bloggers! In college I wrote a research paper studying the art of crafting and how the DIY world has become so relevant today with the development of sites like Ravelry and Pinterest. It's like this girl is my blogging soulmate with her recent post on The Dark Side of Pinterest: Perfectionism and Feminism. You may have read one of my prior guest posts on when Pinterest turns on you, but we can all relate to the love/hate relationship we have with the site.  As if that post didn't make me excited enough to propose with a virtual engagement ring (ironically a pin from a Pinterest board, most likely), she wrote a post on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a webisode series that I came across when looking up GIFs to celebrate my love for Pride and Prejudice.  She is somehow connected to my mind and I am lovin' it. I also really want to check out the show. Have any of you seen it yet?

Lynn is currently tackling grad school/law school and has found time to be a part of a law school comedy show. Performing in shows, preferably musicals, was one of my favorite aspects of college. If I could perform in shows today, even while balancing an Air Force career, I would be in heaven. We've e-mailed back and forth, especially with my search starting on finding quality online grad school programs that can work with my specific work schedule.

If you couldn't tell, I am really excited to be paired up with her. 

So today I went to the post office with book swap items in tow and of course the post office was open for 3-4 hours today. With my luck, it closed at 1 and here I was showing up at 2. Oy vay. I drove home and checked the mail to find that I had a package from Lynn! 

This was Lynn's first book swap and she did an amazing job! 

Loved these Tiffany blue notecards with the signature "L" on them- so cute!

Notecards are one of my absolute favorite things about swaps. This might sound silly but the art of writing a notecard or anything handwritten is so rare these days. I love writing out personal notes and Lynn is just a lovely person.  I so wish we were neighbors so we could grab coffee, or in my case my new obsession, Chai tea :)

A Tervis Tumblr- perfect for hot and cold drinks, plus I ♥ Tervis Tumblrs. I've been wanting to buy one so to see this as part of the "mug" portion of the swap put a big smile on my face.

Lynn spoiled with with not just one, but two books.  The first, The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, is about a couple who runs a lighthouse that comes across an abandoned baby.  It's been recommended so many times and I've been dying to read it. 
Moloka'i by Alan Brennert is about an isolation island in Hawaii that was used for people diagnosed with leprosy.  It follows the story of a girl who is diagnosed, separated from her family, and continues life on this specific island.  It follows her life and how she develops into a young woman with a family of her own.
I am so excited to read both of these amazing books and I am so lucky to have had Lynn as a swap partner.  She was so kind to put together this wonderful care package of books and an awesome Tervis mug.  If you haven't seen Lynn's blog, go check it out.  She is one of my favorite bloggers because she covers unique, quality content. I know I'm always harping on that but it's always refreshing to see that.  Lynn is one of those young women that I would love to meet in person and hope we stay in touch in the future.  I love book swaps, but I would love to create lasting blog friendships where I can just send things randomly because I want to.  Blogging helps connect us, no matter where we are geographically or within the journeys of our lives.
Thanks for Reading!
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  1. I am SO glad you liked your package! I had so much fun putting it together for you - you really will have to email you once you've read the books and tell me what you thought of them (no rush though!)