Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet the "Preview to Summer" Book Swap Team!

Welcome to the second Blogger Book Swap!

We're a team of bloggers who love to read and are excited to meet you! The women in my team are fun, talented writers, and will be there for you every step of the way.  Our team has been working hard to make the most out of this swapping experience for all of you.  

We're looking for bloggers who not only love to read, but are excited to be a part of this swap and are looking for one of the best swap experiences.  We're tailoring this experience to fit your fun, blog-lovin' personalities.  

Have you ever joined a swap and never really got to know the other blogger? =[ That won't be the case here.

Once you've registered, you will be invited to partake in book-themed link-ups hosted by each member of our swap team.  
We'll also provide you with writing prompts and questions that you can share with your swap partner. There are so many ways to connect with other book lovers out there and we can send you in the direction of some other fun blogging opportunities. 

We know it can difficult to connect with other bloggers through social media or e-mail, but we're here to help!

If this is the right swap for you, registration opens this Sunday.  If you haven't checked out our awesome giveaways, definitely do! There's the opportunity to win five free books, just make sure to blog hop (1-2-3-4-5). It's a pretty sweet deal for any book fan. 

Meet the Team:

In case you didn't know, I'm Kim and I blog right here at The Simplicity. I absolutely love to blog, read, design and create. I started blogging while my husband was on his second deployment to Afghanistan. I put together a ton of care packages for him and my friends and family encouraged me to share them. That started my blogging process and I have loved it ever since. The Simplicity is a lifestyle blog that covers everything from me being a military officer, a young wife, a fur mama to two German Shepherds, a designer, a creator, a reader, and a lover of life. If you love to read and want to share that with another great blogger, I highly encourage you to sign up. Thanks again and read on to meet the other hosts! 

Hello, book lovers! My name is Maria and I'm the creator of I Believe In Story, an eccentric literary/lifestyle blog. All of my posts are inspired by literature in some way or another, so it seemed like a natural fit when Kimberly asked me to co-host this edition of The Book Swap. I also have an Etsy store by the same name with literary prints and vintage books. I'm really excited about the things we have planned for Preview to Summer (giveaways! link ups! and of course... the swap!) and I'm looking forward to meeting some awesome bloggers.

Hi! I'm Nina. I blog over at run(dance)love about running, books, beauty products, and anything else that comes to mind! Born and raised in the Windy City, I developed a love for books at a young age. My grandma always had a book with her and took me to the local library often. When I'm not reading I can be found running along the lakefront or eating ice cream.  I am thrilled to be a co-host with these lovely ladies because I love to share the joys of reading and to 'meet' new people. Happy Reading!

Hello fellow book lovers! I’m Serena and I blog over at There are few things I enjoy more than a really good book, so I’m super excited to be a part of this book swap! At first my blog started as a way to document my quest to live a more purposeful life, but since then it has grown into a place where I share all sorts of random things, such as super awkward experiences like this, or reviews about books I love. Other times I get all serious and write about things that I think matter. Mostly though, I write about my life and my love affair with San Francisco, a city I am so privileged to call home, and hope that someone out there finds it interesting enough to follow along. I’m always looking for book recommendations, so if you have any, please stop by my little spot on the web and say hello!

Martie is my name, Spunkyrella is my blog. I am the international one in the bunch, living and loving in Vienna, Austria. I started out blogging about my experience with the Tracy Anderson Method and quickly evolved into a lifestyle blogger talking about my favorite online reads, prints, recipes, beauty and my love for the urban life. I am thrilled to co-host with these ladies and hope to have quite the experience with bloggers worldwide. German is my first language but I do blog in English. Feel free to talk to me either way!
A great story plus well-crafted characters by an author who has his way with words and I am smitten. Come by and talk to me about your must reads, your life, your blog and if you love NYC as much as I do :) See you soon/ Bis bald!

My name is Nicole and I blog at Three 31 — I am a sweet tea drinking, Jesus loving, country girl from Kentucky married to a Texan named Husband. (Well, that’s not really his name but that’s what I call him.) We live near Fort Worth on a small spread with a white horse named Blue. While I have never given birth to another human, I consider my eighth grade students (130 in all) to be my precious, annoying, and hormonal angel babies. When I’m not blogging or teaching language arts, I enjoy photography, cooking, target shooting, mission service, volunteer work, reality TV, traveling and, of course, reading. I've read 50 Shades more times than I can count (yes, I have a set in paperback that came from a friend who secretly read them and then wanted to destroy the evidence ... of course I took them and I've passed them around to others. I consider it a personal mission to encourage healthy relationships. Ahem.) yet my book closet is as diverse and colorful as a bag of Skittles. 

Three 31 // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Bloglovin

Now that you've met us, check out some of the giveaway prizes!

Serena is giving away an eBook copy of How to Be a Woman.
Martie is giving away an eBook copy of Dash & Lily's Book of Dares.
Nina is giving away a copy of The Reader.
Maria is giving away a copy of The Tiger's Wife.
I'm giving away an eBook copy of The Great Gatsby.

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  1. Yay I can't wait to participate again!!!

    1. Awesome!! We're excited to have you :)
      Be sure to spread the word and we have different sized buttons if you care to share in your blog's sidebar :)