Friday, July 26, 2013

Adopt-a-Monster Party

I have this knack for coming across ideas that are really meant for parents with small children.  However, the ideas are just too darn cute so I find ways to spin them so that young 20-somethings like myself and their spouses or significant others can also enjoy them.  I was browsing through Etsy when I saw a printable for an Adopt-a-Monster and thought it would be a really cute party theme.  Low-and-behold, I check out Pinterest and there are so many ideas! With so many cute and unique party elements, I definitely think I'm going to make this into this year's Halloween party.  After seeing Jessica's post on GAP's Halloween preview, I knew it was a sign to share my holiday spirit (even if it's months in advance).

how to make sock monsters

These little guys were a huge inspiration for the idea.  Can you imagine walking into a party and seeing these little guys chilling in a basket? Ah-fricken-dorable!
 These guys are super easy to make and there are tons of variations.

Cute DIY Toys
CrochetConcupiscence's post on Knitting & Crochet | Latest updates on Sulia

Now moving onto decor, I really want it to look comical.

Source via LoveNestBoutique on Etsy

Adorable monster party!
monster cupcakes
Source via SaucyDragonfly on Flickr
Halloween Candy Monster Kabobs for Party Favors

Monster Head Cake Pop Stand
Jello Jar Monsters...Cute for Halloween!
Source via Echoes of Laughter
absolutely stunning spooky cupcakery party.  Well worth clicking through to see all the gorgeous photos
decorate your from entry way as a monster for halloween!

My goal is to have all of the young adults dress up as monsters.  With Halloween being very much oriented towards inappropriate, cheap, or scandalous costumes, I think this might be a nice break from that.  With the challenge of using whatever you own to make your costume, I'm hoping guests will arrive looking completely ridiculous and have a great time.
If you'd like more ideas, visit my Pinterest board, Hostess with the Mostest
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  1. That monster wreath is awesome! I might have to pin the image so I can try making one around Halloween. Halloween is so much fun no matter how old you are. I don't dress up anymore, but I sure dress my house for the holiday! It's a shame we don't get as many trick-or-treaters anymore, but I still show off my spirit inside and outside of my house.