Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bringing Life to Iliana and Luke

While on alert and reading The Alchemist, I had a great storyline idea.  It stuck with me so much that I couldn't even fall asleep without thinking about it.  I've decided to write this story as a series of posts up on The Simplicity and if you're interested, you can follow along with the weekly segments.

In a fictional story that's got a sprinkling of my own life experiences, I'll be writing about two characters, Iliana and Luke. Both are college students, and for the time being they attend UW-Madison just because it's my alma mater and the school I have the most familiarity with.  I'm excited to dive into these characters and kind of bring life to them.  Tentatively, Iliana is a college sophomore and Luke is a junior who also is a college football player.  There's a dynamic between them that will explore stereotypes, social norms, expectations, and love at a point where you're cultivating relationships to mean more.  I'm hoping that people will enjoy the story and come back for more.  I'm also hoping that it doesn't fizzle out. Prayers people! :)

Check back for the first segment!

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  1. I'm excited! I do want to just give a heads up, I'm not sure how serious you are about getting this story out there and potentially published...but I was contacted by a publisher a few months ago about one of my short stories I had submitted for an anthology, only to have it turned down because I had posted the first few pages of it on my blog. She told me no publisher will consider a story that has already appeared, in any length/form, on a personal blog. So just some food for thought. I know not everyone is intent on getting their work published, but if you are just wanted to give you some of my experience to potentially help.

  2. Good to know! That's disappointing. I feel like I'd like to get it published but I might do it on my own as an eBook. Who knows, it might not even be any good lol

  3. I know, it's such a toss up! You want to get it out there and see people's reactions, but you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot potentially. I'm sure it will be good =)