Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Morning Post: Fireworks, Fishbowls, & Goats Milk Shampoo

1// Went to the Crooked Tree and had a scrumptious red velvet cupcake.
2// A quote that I value, especially with my military career field.
3// We've thoroughly been enjoying nights out with friends and I can't wait to share my new outlook on this small town.
4// Fish bowls!
5// Holly and Blu are always running around like little kids. They definitely keep me on my toes and so far, everything is looking good from Blu's most recent vet visit.
6// Been working hard at the gym and building up tone and muscle.
7// Saving money this 4th by creating paper fan decor for the front porch.
8// It wouldn't be the 4th without having the opportunity to decorate my nails.  So glad to have had a few days off.
9// My recent trip to our outstanding Farmer's Market had me coming home with a 3 for $10 deal on goat's milk soap.  I've been trying the shampoo bar and I really love it.
10// The outdoor pool on base is open and I've been taking full advantage of the lap swim times.
11//  & 12// Red velvet cake and white cake with blue color from Michael's.  Look at that pigmentation- love it!
13// My plum Jelly cat bunny came in (a gift from Ryan) and I still have yet to name it.  I will forever be a kid at heart. I love stuffed animals.
14// My flag cake! The outside looked atrocious due to the frosting causing pieces of cake to crumble but the inside looked amazing!
15// Charmed life is a new swap that Jessica from Living La Vida Holoka and myself will soon have up and running.  Thursday there will be more information and the start of a 2-week registration.  The focus will be on women sharing their stories with one another and swapping a charm that represents an aspect of their life, a favorite memory, or anything significant to them.

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