Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whoops, some baby fever went into my dreams

I had the strangest dream last night and it's basically hardcore evidence that baby fever has seeped its way into my dreams.  In this dream, I had just given birth to a baby girl but at this point, I hadn't seen her yet.  Instead, I knew that Ryan and I had decided to name her Cadence and for some reason I had to stay behind at the hospital but they released her to Ryan.  Ok, not a big deal, it's a dream world and in dream world I never get to see my dream baby which seems odd because I would be all over that bundle of joy.  Then I went home and upon seeing "Cadence," Ryan declares, "this is April May!"


Ryan re-named our baby, birth certificate and everything, without letting me know.  I was surprisingly not that mad but this dream was so incredibly real.  Like I had never seen this baby before in my life but there she was, this blonde, peach fuzz haired baby with big blue eyes.  Ryan was a total baby hog and the funny part was that I could totally hear him saying in real life, "well we could always change it back."  I'm still a little baffled at how I produced a blonde haired baby girl but there she was.

Then I woke up and yelled at him for changing our dream baby's name or asked him to make me a baby ;)

I'm kidding, but it was pretty hilarious.  Ryan's response, "Well April May kinda sounds like a cadence, so it works."

What did I tell ya?

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  1. This is GREAT! I am so excited for when your dreams become reality. Well, not the name changing releasing the baby with dad and not you part...

  2. This is so real to me too! My dreams lately have been INSANE (just like my baby faver-- as I get goosebumps just thinking about it). I took a nap this afternoon and even had a baby related dream. I think a lot of this has to do with my approaching "time of the month" and the fact that I got a migraine today which I ONLY get when either my monthly time comes or like in Aug, when I was pregnant-- with the changing in hormones. I hadn't been getting migraines for a long, long time because I am highly medicated on a daily pill which prevents them (topomax-- which when I say "highly medicated", I don't mean doped up stupid). I'm so filled with emotions of WANTING to be pregnant after both of my losses and trying this month that the only thing I can think it that my mind is on overload which translates to my dreams. But really, *I* get to pick the baby names in our house. The only name Rob gets to "pick" is his last name on the birth certificate. I will be FAIR and not name the baby something horrid but when he wants to go through nine months of carrying the Angel around, he's more than welcome to name it!

  3. Haha I like Ryan's response. And that picture is too adorable!!

  4. I love this picture! I randomly found it on Pinterest and her eyes are just so big and adorable! Ryan's responses to things usually make them so perfect.

  5. Hahaha I like those naming rules! With our job, since we work 24 hour shifts, we have sleep rotations. There are so many rumors about the equipment we work with and how they determine gender of babies. Of course the rumors are all over the place but usually they get stuck on female missileers only having boys or only having girls. Right now it's looking like boys for female missileers but we'll see ;)

  6. Hahaha I'm so forgiving of Ryan, I really don't think I would care if he changed it. Well, I mean, I would care but I think I would be quick to get over it :P
    I already know that he wants to name our first boy Tyler after his youngest brother who passed away as a baby so he's kind of claimed that one, but it's a nice name so I don't mind plus I think I get dibs on the middle name :)

  7. The most real pregnancy I ever had was one where I was giving birth. It seemed so real to me in my dream--except it happened on a table in my parents' backyard with everyone around. Most of my baby dreams now are about little adorable baby boys. :)

  8. Forgiving?!? GREAT marriage quality!

    Keep sharing those dreams...