Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book Review on "Grounded"

Correll brings the charms of a Kentucky farm to her book, "Grounded," where an airline flight attendant returns to her Southern roots as she figures out life. I really enjoyed the protagonist, who was a strong, independent female character as well as the quirks of her grandmother, Beulah and other neighbors like Evelyn.  The character of Jake seemed to be the handsome boy next door that you would have loved to have as a neighbor. However, the pace of the book was very slow and although I was always looking to see how certain events turned out, they were really minor events that took the entirety of the book to discover what happened.  Introducing the character of Stella, the stone house renter, was completely random and kind of felt like a filler character to add more dimension to the novel.  Camille, the relationship villain of sorts, makes a very short appearance and in order to make Annie a more appealing character, Correll writes Camille's personality as obnoxious.  It seems a little too obvious that Jake's love interest, and the conflict between him and Annie, would of course be a terrible person for him to marry. The characters are fun and the town seems charming, however, it's really more of a beach read than anything else.  I could definitely see this as a Hallmark movie channel or ABC Family book-to-tv movie deal or even better yet, set around Christmas time with Olivia Wilde playing Annie.

This post was sponsored by the author. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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