Friday, October 18, 2013

The 2013 Erskine Pumpkin

2013 pumpkin carving has commenced!

 Our friend Cory invited a bunch of us over one night that we miraculously all had off 
and we brought over a ton of pumpkins.

 With at least five pumpkins up for carving, we had a ton of seeds and while Ryan was busy carving part I of our Erskine pumpkin, I was busy collecting seeds in a glass bowl for roasting.

 We decide to go with a haunted house scene, complete with a spooky tree and graveyard!
We had the biggest pumpkin there but I always grew up picking out huge pumpkins.
There's just more canvas :)

When I wasn't busy pulling together seeds for roasting, I was enjoying some mulled wine provided by our friend Rhi.  It was pretty darn delicious and maybe I can get her to share the recipe on a future blog post.

Our friend Cory has never carved a pumpkin before, so of course, we made him carve one.

Hannah and Anthony rocking their state pumpkin.
The final results from the Erskine 2013 pumpkin. What do you think?
After pumpkin carving wrapped up, we ended up watching the latest edition of the Chucky series.
I was absolutely terrified of him as a child and remember one incident where a cousin of mine tried to get me to watch Child's Play.  Yup, she definitely didn't trick me and I was out of that room faster than you could say unnecessary gore.  It was actually pretty hilarious and weirdly funny but gory.

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions?


  1. The Chucky movies are pretty hilarious. They seemed to get funnier as they went on.

    All of your pumpkins turned out great! I haven't carved a pumpkin yet. I did add some art to one with a witch decal, but I hope to carve one by the end of the month. The most I've done with pumpkins so far is cut them, roast the seeds and use the flesh for homemade canned pumpkin. :)

  2. How fun! I went to a pumpkin carving party a few years ago and it was a blast. I haven't carved a pumpkin in a few years, but I did buy some pumpkins this year to decorate :-) You guys all rocked the carving!!


  3. I have gotten a bit lazy. This year's pumpkins will be brought to you by sticking things into them. Hopefully to be posted in tomorrow's weekend recap. Love your childlike heart!