Monday, November 4, 2013

Bread Not Cake

I came across this verse and it touched me to the core.
How incredibly true and accurate is this?

If you're a Christian, you are given a tool to help reinforce your faith, trust, and understanding and yet how many times have I missed out on my opportunity to celebrate in God's word everyday?

Without a Bible study group, everything gets prioritized in front of sitting with my Bible and journaling.

Recently, as in the past month or so, I've started following more Instagram/Bloggers who are awesome at sitting down with their Bibles everyday and some even journal.  To see their faith celebrated on something as simple as social media, inspires me to be better about sitting down and enjoying God's word as my daily bread. 

Thankful for community and the impact it has on my life. Thankful for the Word and the encouragement that these hard times are for His glory. They are to serve as an avenue for me to point to Him.
Blogger from Bloom the Blog 

Our pastor talked about "defining moments" today in church, asking us to think about our character and what we will do to define those moments when they come our way. I was reminded of my freshman year in college when my roommate had a cardiac arrest in our room. In a moments time, my life was changed forever as I was reminded how precious life is. Thankfully (and only by God's grace!) my roommate was okay after a few days.
  Blogger from Michaela Noelle Designs 

Soaking up the word this morning with my HUSBAND💛💛💛 #omgihaveahusband 

Always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #unfailinglove #reading #Bible #GodsWord #GodsTime #PerfectLove
This morning, take a moment to write down some of the things you think are important factors of His love language. Then DO them. Not out of obligation. Not because our actions save us. But simply because we love Him. #shereadstruth
(best way for me to overcome heartache is to make someone else smile. Stay tuned......... My stomach is in my spilled all over my devotional doodles journal. Every original picture ruined with a huge coffee stain. I won't let this get the best of me though. As much as I want to throw in the towel, I'll use it as God saying....create MORE, and I shall use you more!
Starting my writing day by reading "Girls With Swords" by Lisa Bevere (highly recommend!). And I have to ask - is our generation of women going to be known as being too scared of God's Word to read it? Can we please NOT be? Could we be the generation that was terrified to be unarmed? Could we be the generation of women who feel the weight and necessity to use the Sword of the Spirit to being light and life to our world?

Isn't this incredible and so beautiful? All of these women journaling, creating graphics and simply being awesome to celebrate God's word!

It inspired me to create a little inspirational chart to help you focus your daily prayers and Bible study.  I know in my heart that I need to focus more on my daily prayer and sitting down with a Bible.  I always find so much encouragement from God's love and grace and I want to share that with others but I need to sit down and focus on that aspect of me first.

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What inspires you to take in your daily bread?
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  1. I am inspired by need. I am in a completely different head (cross that out and replace it with) heart space when I have time with Him. Not always Earth shaking, but always perfect timing for what I need.

  2. Sometimes a few minutes a day provides all of the guidance you need. I know my Bible studies challenge me to think in new ways and to challenge myself as a person. Today I was challenged to think if I am overly dependent as a friend of the world versus being a follower of Christ. It brought me to a place where I definitely think I need to pray on things more but it also made me question what I value and why I value certain things. Just time in prayer- love it.