Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kim's Wishlist

With my birthday and Christmas all in the same month, I've made wishlists ever since I was a little kid.  Of course when I was a wee one, they were pages long and quite ridiculous.  My lists may still be ridiculous and maybe even unrealistic (especially that Louis Vuitton bag) but I like to make them =]

\\ John Maxwell Leadership Bible //
I've had my eye on this Bible for the past month and I really want a copy.  I love having different variations of the Bible and through friends on Instagram, I've loved what they've shared from this specific one.

\\Bible tabs//
I actually could use a couple sets of these for my different Bibles.  It's just one of those things that I haven't gotten around to purchasing.

\\Bible covers//
Not pictured but kind along the same lines as the Bible tabs- I would love to have Bible covers for my Bibles.

\\Erin Condren Planner//
I really enjoy the 2012-2013 planner and would love to get a 2014 one!

\\Louis Vuitton Bag//
I've had my eye on this specific one for a long time but at $800+ I highly doubt I'll be getting this anytime soon but a girl can dream ;)

\\Magazine Subscriptions//
Magazines and hard copies of books are my favorite things to bring with me on alerts.

\\Sideways Cross Necklace in Silver//
I have so many sideways cross necklaces but they're cheaply made and I would love to own one that I can wear all the time without it tarnishing or the paint wearing away.

\\Morganite Ring//
I think I've told Ryan this a dozen times, but I would like to own a Morganite ring at some point.  A Morganite is a special stone discovered by the creator of Chase Bank.  I think they're lovely and I have a favorite Etsy shop that's based out of L.A. that makes custom jewelry like this ring.

\\Silhouette Cameo//
I haven't used my Cricut in so long and I think it's mainly because I'm so limited with my cartridges.  I'd like to get a Silhouette Cameo to continue with my scrapbooking.

\\Running shoes//
I sure could use a new pair and my vibrams have been used for over a year which I'm pretty sure is a big no-no but $100 shoes are $100 that I don't have or need to save for lol :

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  1. Kim, I hope you are having a good Sunday. I need to make a wish list. lol :)

  2. I still make lists as well, although these days they are mostly amazon then some new clothing styles in an email to my mom. It's great doing amazon since they have so much stuff and often now when my dad is on there he checks my list and surprises me with a kindle book. Really sweet since we live so far away from each other

  3. I love Amazon as well! My husband and I have a running wishlist on our account :) Thanks for the comment and that is so sweet of your parents! I love care packages from my parental units. It's funny because in college they didn't really send anything but now that I live in Montana, they send a package every couple of months :)

  4. I am having a very joyous Sunday and I hope you are too Niki!