Sunday, August 25, 2013


Y'all I need your help!  
My blogging goal right now is to reach 300 followers on Bloglovin.  That can be pretty tough since many blogs out there cater to one specific crowd or the Holy Grail of em all...aka the Lifestyle Blogs.  I feel like The Simplicity is a dash of a Lifestyle Blog with some activism wearing a fiery bra of women's rights and maybe some DIY because I love sparkles.  

With that said, I really do want to up my readership.  I've read probably every blogging eBook out there, and many of them from the greats!  However, a lot of the stuff included in them are things that I already know about.  I really would like to hear from the people who visit my blog but maybe don't leave a comment.  What would you like to see improved on my blog?  Is the font too small?  Is something difficult to read?  Are there topics you would like me to cover more?  Should I use more pictures?  

I also would like to start sponsoring again but I don't want to waste my time.  I'm also kind of just figuring out the new Passionfruit Ads dealio (any good posts on what's going on with that?).  The biggest blogging tip is that you can't just simply be hanging out in the sidebar, you gotta get some individual post action.  The problem is that people tend to get annoyed with guest posts.  Have you sponsored a blog and received fabulous results?  I've done the $20+ ads before but really just got stuck in the sidebar and it didn't do me much good.  I'm really aiming for $5-$15 range with a blogger who is attentive to those who sponsor him or her.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! 

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  1. I seriously know how you feel. The blogging books just tell ya what you already know. They are pointless. However if you are serious about learning more for blogging and the like pinterest. I have been doing research cause I was annoyed on those blogging book and I have found some good post. Also, there is always google. I know it sounds like alot but I found some really really post that helped explain EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    In the end, it all comes down to you and what you want to do. The quickest way to gain "followers" is giveaways but that isn't 'readers'. I have found out that you should make photos based off your content so people are more adapt to pin or follow the pin on pinterest.

    As for the sponsoring thing, I am so lost. I don't like that passion fruit did that but I understand. So far I have zero success for them and my high was 15 and that was for a footer banner so yeah. =/ Though I did have good success with my swapping ads. My swappers like that they had a day where I featured them all on that day. I asked a question to unite them and I was planning on doing the same for bigger ad but they would have their own days. LIke large=featured, Small and medium share a day and then swappers but I never made it that far. I am still trying to figure it out. If you figure it out or get help, would you post it?

    I hope I was helpful, sorry I rambled.

  2. I'm nowhere close to 300 followers on any medium haha, so I don't know how valuable my advice will be, but most of the bloggers I've developed real relationships with I've met through link-ups. Usually smaller link-ups run by smaller bloggers, because I just get lost in the huge link-ups with more than 100 participants every week. On the other hand, sometimes I'm afraid I do too many link-ups and don't produce enough original content on my blog, so it's kind of a tricky line. That's the best advice I have though — I definitely wouldn't have the blogger relationships I have now without The Book Chat (every Thursday at The Tangerine) and my own book challenges.

  3. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to dump the blogging books and remember that you can make a difference just by being you, no matter any number attachment. :)