Thursday, August 1, 2013

Instagram Smothered My Blog

Instagram smothered my blog.  As I read that on someone's Instagram profile, I couldn't help but laugh.  Putting together an active blog, worthy of grabbing a reader's attention is a lot of work and sometimes most of the time I really don't have the patience or quite literally the time for it.  However, I like to blog and I don't want it to become something where every few months you see a rare post.  No, I want to keep blogging a few times a week or at the minimum once a week.  My blog is going through a major re-do and you can read about it here.  I so prefer the easy-to-share format of Instagram and peeking in on the incredibly creative, cute, and entertaining lives of so many easy-going bloggers and vloggers.

The biggest newz
1// I'm registered for grad school y'all! My tuition assistance has been approved, I registered for my first grad class, and I'm just waiting to make sure everything is finalized.  One thing I didn't miss about college was the cost of books...yikes.
2// I am obsessed with this cover to the Of Monsters and Men cover by Julia Sheer and Jon D. Download it now and listen to it on repeat with me.
3// I've finally joined the social media phenom that is Snapchat, although I still kind of don't get it.  I think I need to become more active in sharing photos lol
4// I've started making my own chalkboard art prints and am loving it.  These are for my friend, Emily and her upcoming wedding.  They've just purchased a new home and I wanted to give them cute, yet affordable decor.
5// Coinage! It was my goal since I moved to this base to earn a coin and I finally did for being a superior performer :)
6// Last but not least, while volunteering at the Montana State Fair, I came home with a fetus...

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