Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Montana, the Museums Offer You Whiskey

My friends Matt and Ashton offered me to tag along with them on an exploration of the local area to find the "Lost Lake." After driving several gravel roads, taking lefts, rights, and going down into steep valleys we stopped and started walking.  I was talking, staring at my feet to avoid cow poop, and then BAM- this was my view.

Lost Lake is very briny and not really ideal for swimming, fishing, or boating, but it sure is pretty.
 We also kept talking about Game of Thrones and how that wall of rocks reminded us of the scene where Jon Snow was scaling it in the middle of winter.  Not the same wall of rocks, obviously, but still the fear of heights was still definitely there.
My Fernando Torres pose

Ashton asked to do a "sorority pose" but sorority poses are usually composed up of different positions to accommodate "going out" outfits and alcohol ;)
So I just decided to celebrate how beautiful the view was and that I was with awesome folks.

We then went to Fort Benton and ate at a great place called Wake Up. I had the most delicious wheat wrap with chicken, bacon, avocado, and spinach.  I also had a mango and orange juice blended drink that was sooo yummy! If you're ever in Fort Benton, Montana, I highly recommend that place.  Fort Benton also has a lot of history and several pretty solid museums.  The actual fort had several displays including the tee-pees above.  One of the displays was about trading and we were offered Trader's Whiskey.  No lie, I drank whiskey at a museum.

We also visited Fort Benton's Agricultural Museum which had a huge outdoor display that was like a mini town.  The creepy factor quickly set in as everything started to look like it was from 
Children of the Corn.

I was just waiting for his face to pop out of nowhere as we were walking through.

We also found a warehouse filled with different vehicles and there were hearses, carriages, and sleds.
Can't you just picture us in a wintery wonderland?
Conveniently, we thought the same and this has got to happen this winter ;)
The indoor displays in the museum were pretty good but we did come across the creepiest mannequin alive and it was a nurse from WWII who looked like she was plotting something.  So of course, we had to plot with her.

Since we are now children of the homestead, we thought it was fitting to join these little girls in celebrating the wild west.
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  1. Ha! Some of these photos are hilarious! I love a good museum visit. Like I told you about your Chicago trip, I am always eager to learn and gain knowledge about locations I visit. The Lost Lake is beautiful!

  2. This was such a blast! Glad you came with, and we'll definitely plan more shenanigans. BTW, Halloween Cadbury SCREAM eggs are out...getting excited!

  3. I'm hoping to learn more about this area and Ashton is such an awesome friend. She's very outdoorsy and has invited me on a couple trips so I'm super appreciative to learn more!

  4. It was so much fun! Keep inviting me lol I definitely want to see more of the surrounding areas. I'm trying to get Ryan to go to Glacier, since he's probably significantly more outdoorsy than I am but we'll see. CADBURY SCREAM EGGSSS!!! Omg where did you see them?

  5. They're at the BX, right next to the customer service counter up front. Same delicious taste, but with GREEN fontant inside!