Friday, August 16, 2013

Trip to Chicago

 I was thrilled at the opportunity to go back home to Wisconsin for a few days.  Most of that time was dedicated to Emily and Matt's wedding but I was able to stay with my family and I had a blast.  The trip was off to a rocky start though with the small town airport not allowing me to check-in.  I was forced onto a later flight, which was kind of poopy, because I had wanted to spend that lost time with family but there's only so much you can do in those situations.  My dad thinks that they let a standby person take my seat instead of me so they didn't let me check-in, which is total crap but I never again will I underestimate this small town airport and its divalicious ways. 

 After arriving in Wisconsin, my parents met me right outside the security check area and I was so excited to see my mom and dad.  I haven't seen them in a year so this trip, although short, was good for the soul.  We drove home, picked up my little brother, and headed to Bdubs for dinner.  My current town doesn't have one so going back home and having something like Bdubs was a treat.  There are still a ton of hometown favorites that I didn't get to try but that's ok because I definitely need a trip in the near future.

 The next day we rode the train down to Chicago for a day of adventures.  We took the Chicago Architecture River Cruise and I loved it! I highly recommend it because it's informative, teaches you a lot about the buildings in Chicago, and it gave me that extra special connection with the city.  Just by walking around, I recognize things that I learned from the cruise.  For example, you'll notice that some buildings are supported by large concrete columns and they have glass lobbies.  This was done esthetically because architects and building owners wanted to be able to see into the heart of the buildings.  It's pretty neat!

 These two buildings are pretty neat for two completely different reasons.  The one on the left has a structure to fit a building law where buildings couldn't take up 25% of a space.  It was confusing at first, but if you notice, the building looks like a giant armchair.  By creating this unique structure it allows light to filter uninhibited to the sidewalks below.  The building on the right is the only building that can be that close to Navy Pier.  It wasn't even supposed to be built in its location and its unique structure is actually part of its wind brace capability.  From up above, it looks like a three leaf clover.
The suite up top is made of bullet proof glass, for visitors like the President.

 This yellow building was created after architects spent time in Europe and noticed how all of the buildings utilized so much color.  So they decided to add yellow to the concrete.

 From warehouse to your house

 These cables are from the warehouse that this building used to be, hence the phrase "from warehouse to your house."

 This building used to host catalogs and couponing for merchandise companies.  Its hallways are so long that employees wore rollerskates to access different rooms and offices.  Today it serves as the offices of Groupon.

 We went to Navy Pier and had dinner.  The Tall Ships were there and I had never been to the pier during the summer.  It was so busy and there was so much activity.  We had a lot of fun and I had meant to get Ryan a Blackhawks jersey but by the time we got back to Michigan Avenue, the stores were closed. 

One of my favorite aspects of the Chicago trip was making Mr. Towel Buddy which is a childhood memory of my brother and mine.  I'll be sharing the story later this week.

Have you been to Chicago?  I've been so many times but each time is different.  What are your favorite sites or things to do there?

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  1. What a great visit you had with your family! It looks like it was fun and informative. I love going on trips that are somewhat educational. It allows me to take away something deeper than just photographs. I have never been to Chicago, but it was always a place of interest to me after seeing Ferris Bueller many, many years ago. :)

  2. I live in Chicago and I didn't know half the things you just mentioned. But first things first, I love your mom's Eiffel Tower Bag. I kind of want it. I'm glad you had such a great time!! There are so many bloggers that have been stopping in Chicago lately. These past few weeks we've had the perfect weather for it too. You'll have to let me know when you come back!!

  3. Love all the little facts about Chicago; I take metra all the time from Waukegan into the city. I love it there!

  4. It's so funny that you mentioned that because when I was taking pictures of buildings, I really wanted to make sure they were for a purpose. So many vacations I've taken where there are random pictures and there isn't too much significance to them. When I started the river cruise, I made sure that I understood why I was taking pictures of the scenery.

  5. Haha I'm pretty sure she picked that up at Marshall's. I absolutely love Chicago! Having grown up in Kenosha, it was one of my favorite places to visit since it was so close.

  6. I do, too! It's one of my favorite places and after living in Montana for awhile, I really needed that urban break.

  7. He's so tall and now he plays volleyball all of the time. He's still very quiet, but just as awesome :)