Saturday, August 24, 2013

Creating Your Own (Olli)Blocks with Caravan Shoppe

Despite not having children, Ryan and I love kids and we're especially looking forward to the first birthday of Halo, the little girl of one of our good friends.  The thing about being a blogger in this big ol' bliggety blog world is that you become introduced to so many awesome kid products.  I feel like I'll be fully prepped in terms of baby products, baby showers, and the best stuff out there whenever Ryan and I have our first kid.

One of these awesome shops that I've come across is Caravan Shoppe.  It's a site that offers a ton of printables for purchase and the best part is that they're super affordable!  I've stocked up on printables for Christmas and I also really love their Olliblocks.  They're these mix-n-match printables for blocks that allow kids to use their imagination.  I love them!

This is not a paid review, nor was I given these products for free.  I found their shop, really like the type of products they have for sale and I think it's something for your $$.
 I purchased the Winter Olliblocks combo pack and the Monsters & Superheroes pack.

 Upon purchase, I was sent an e-mail with the printable files.

 I then prepped with Matte Mod Podge, 1.5" wooden blocks which I got off Amazon, scissors, a small paint brush, and the printables.

The two biggest labors of this project is the cutting and then pasting- it's really that simple!

 Caravan Shoppe provides instructions with their printables and they're incredibly easy to follow.  Heads stay on the same block, toes on the other block, etc.

I had my pieces laid out and waiting as I added Mod Podge to each of the blocks in nice even coats.

 Then I added the pieces to each block and added another coat of Mod Podge.

 Here are some of the monsters from the Monsters & Superheroes Collection.

 The Winter Olliblocks are just as cute and I just love the reindeer and nutcracker!

 I highly recommend this product! The only thing I would have done differently would be to get them printed at a print shop instead of my home printer.  However, these printables were done on my home printer and they look great still so it's really up to the crafter on his or her preference.  I'll let y'all know how Halo, the birthday girl, likes her gift =]

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  1. Super cute idea! I'm sure your friend's little girl will love her handmade gift. :)

  2. Super cute! You did a great job. Very creative!

  3. Little kids love really simple toys. It's what they always go back to because it sparks their imaginations so I figured this would be a hit. Hopefully I'm right on this one ;)

  4. Thank you! It was so easy to make and I definitely recommend checking out Caravan Shoppe. I check out their website like every other week now. They also have free printables which are super cute for decor! =]