Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A New Blog Name Feels Like Getting Your Hair Did

Welcome to the newest change here... a new name! I am so excited about this change.  A couple months ago, you may have seen on Instagram the brainstorm session start to come up with a new name.  Honestly, I was never really attached to The Simplicity.  If you followed my blog progress, it was just my name and that's why the URL is my name as well as all of my social media accounts.  I then realized while participating in blog related activities that saying "visit Kimberly Erskine" sounded a little weird to me.  Therefore, I felt really pressured to come up with a name.  That brainstorm session produced The Simplicity of Being Curious and that only lasted a few months before I shortened it to The Simplicity.  The original title was too long and then the shortened version didn't really reflect me at all.  I prefer being busy and look forward to challenges, the idea of being simple (although something I probably need in my life) didn't really meet up with what my blog is about.

That's when I came up with Little Fierce Blog.

Little Fierce Blog was inspired by Shakespeare's quote, "though she be but little, she is fierce." My entire life I have been a smaller person, but that hasn't limited my ability to be competitive and to seek the highest level of quality when it comes to my life.  I also wanted that to reflect in my blog posts.  I'm passionate about my life, what I read, what I make, and what I contribute to society.  I also don't think I've ever really considered myself a lifestyle blogger. What does that even mean?

Earlier this year, I wrote a controversial post (actually a couple) that criticized the quality of blogs out there.  It covered that larger blogs with thousands of followers were lacking in true content quality and I found the blogging community becoming more commercialized and less authentic.  My blogging friend Maria suggested that I stop following those blogs.  Honestly I was flummoxed.  Stop following these blogs?  If I did that then I probably wouldn't be following any. 

However that was the best advice I had received.  I learned a lot about myself in that transition.  The blogs that I had been following were not a good fit.  Instead I found mom blogs, crafters, people inspired by faith, and people who were just funny.  I broadened my horizons and found some true gems.  I also met so many amazing bloggers or substitute bloggers through Instagram.  It also showed me that I didn't want to do advertising on my blog and I also didn't want to pressure myself into blogging every day or that might lessen the quality of the posts.

So here is Little Fierce Blog in all of its glory. I'm really proud of it and I am pumped for 2014.  Have a bright and sparkly new year :)  

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  1. I love your new name! I've always loved that quote : ) I'm definitely interested in looking up your posts about the quality of some of the blogs you read, too. Excited about your new ideas and plans! I think 2014 will find my blog looking and feeling a little different as well.

  2. I've ALWAYS thought this about you but used the word "zealous" instead. This one fits you and your endeavors so much better. I'm a loyal follower and am eager to see what this year of being fierce brings you.

    As for me, I found the OLW two weeks ago and picked my word: FREEDOM. I look forward to seeing what the year brings.

    Merry Christmas Kim!