Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Melted Snowman Ornament Tutorial

December it's the most wonderful time of the year!!

This melted snowman ornament could melt anyone's heart! It takes a bit of effort on the crafter's part but the result is very cute and perfect addition to any tree.

Make sure the ribbon you get has the wire edge because it helps you shape it into a scarf later on.
 My "work space" was my kitchen counter and I used a baking sheet to lay out the clay pieces I had.  I bought multiple clay pieces but didn't even use entire blocks and I made six ornaments.  I have clay shaping tools, however, a butterknife works perfectly for those who don't have those in supply.

 For the carrot noses, I rolled it out and adjusted my position on where I was holding it against the counter.  By adjusting and rolling, it thinned out one end to create a point.  I then bent the carrots, as well as the branches, to give them an imperfect look and give each snowman character.

 While the pieces were baking at the temperature suggested on the clay packaging, I got started on filling each ornament with "snow."  While hovering over the kitchen sink, I filled each one with snow white glitter until there was a good base in each ornament.

 I then cut pieces of the ribbon in half.  With one of the edges being the wire piece, I folded it using an accordion style.  This made the ribbon look like it was a scarf left behind.

Drop the clay pieces into the ornament and rearrange using the edge of a pencil.  Some pieces can be partially covered by snow and have fun with it! :)

The most time consuming part of this craft is the creation of the pieces.  Baking only takes a few minutes and once the pieces have cooled, it's all about assembling them together.  The result is a really cute ornament that is perfect for an ornament exchange or Christmas gift!
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