Friday, December 20, 2013

Grinchy moments

I don't want to blame this post on my husband, but if it happens, understand that is not my intent.  My intent is to share how complicated it is for our new little family to establish holiday traditions.  I love Christmas, like SOOOOOOOOOO much.  Yeah, that level of obnoxiousness almost covers how much I love it.  

Although Ryan and I grew up in the same hometown, we lived very different lives.  Sometimes it amazes me how little things add up to bigger complications.  For example, St. Nicholas' Day.  Some celebrate it, including my family back home, and some don't like how Ryan grew up.  If you don't celebrate it, it honors the Saint Nicholas who protected children and orphans and is the origins of the Santa Claus we know today.  It is tradition to leave shoes (or stockings) out so that he may fill them in the night.  Usually the kids in my family received ornaments and maybe other small items but it can be candy, games, etc.  It's kind of like a warm-up to Christmas.

For this St. Nicholas Day, I got Ryan two ornaments.  One was from Michael's, a beautiful white and red vintage airplane.  The other was from Etsy (yay small business) and was the state of Wisconsin shaped from a beer can (we keep it classy).  I was on alert for the night before St. Nicholas Day but gave Ryan the ornaments later on.  What was disappointing was despite my constant reminders, he forgot!

Now that wasn't something that I really got upset over.  The conversation was more like, "I'm glad St. Nicholas came for me but he didn't come for you..."

The problem is that little situations like that add up.  My family grew up loving to look at holiday lights and holiday displays.  We volunteer to ring bells for the Salvation Army, visit assisted living homes, bake cookies, watch Christmas movies, have poinsettias around the house, and everything is really special.  Ryan is sometimes completely oblivious to all of this.  There will be Christmas specials on, aka movies you don't normally watch throughout the year, and he'll want to watch a movie he's seen four times.  *face palm* It's also not like his family didn't have their own traditions. He loved to bake cookies as a little boy and his dad won awards from our city for having the most decorated and creative yard for the holidays. 

Is your spouse or significant other like this?  What did you do about it or how did you overcome this?

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