Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas with the Erskines: A Sneak Peek into Our Home for the Holidays

Here's a look into the Erskine household for the Christmas season...enjoy!

 One of my favorite things about Christmas is gift giving and this year I participated in Emmy's Christmas Gift Exchange over Instagram.

 My partner made me this amazing gift as a way to record memories throughout the years.

 With a ceramic fruit basket from Anthro and index cards, I have it propped up in our kitchen to record so many memories.

 Brittany got me the tree topper of my dreams!! Isn't it gorgeous?
The ornaments Ryan got from St. Nicholas.

 My 24th birthday present from the folks!

 Our first Christmas village! It's from the Dollar Tree and had some "handwritten" storefront signs (womp womp) but it's really cute.  I also have an African American Santa which I'm sure Megyn Kelly would love.  Have no idea what I'm talking about?  Don't stress over it.  The Fox newscaster is convinced that Santa and Jesus could only be white men.  Therefore this Santa is my little play at irony in my house.

Blu will rock antlers and Holly hates them with a passion.  Ryan had to stand with them for every picture otherwise Holly looked terrified and Blu would run away.
If you love this wreath, check out The Paper Mama's blog for the tutorial! 

Looking to make one of these sweaters?  I'll be posting my tutorial on the 23rd! :)

 Blisterz's Christmas Tree Lot- super simple and incredibly cute!
All you need are bottle brush trees, which are actually really hard to find leading into Christmas so I always stock up.  Put them next to a sign (mine is made from cardstock) and you have a Christmas Tree Lot.

I've had my eye on these foxes at Target for so long! I was thrilled when one of my besties and battle buddies, Brittany surprised me with them on my birthday!

I was determined to get a nativity this year and bought this from Walmart.

It took me four baby Jesuses to find one without crazy eyes but alas, I was successful.

 I wanted to snag the camel but I only had $10 on me and had to get Hershey kisses for cookies so I went with the donkey.

I painted these reindeer last year and they turned out to be a perfect solution as a centerpiece.

The snowmen placemats I got on sale at Kohl's last year (we don't have a Kohl's here unfortunately) and the nutcracker placemats I found at Goodwill, along with a table runner.


Santa hat chair covers were found at the Dollar Tree for only $1 each.


I made this shadowbox last year when we I was stationed at Vandenberg.  It's a wooden shadowbox from Michael's.  I then used two pieces of scrapbook paper, a metallic blue and then a diecut snowflake piece.  I then took mini ornaments, that I believe I got at Walmart, and hot glued them together.


My mini mitten garland was made with mitten ornaments from Target last year.  A pair of mittens was $3 and then I used mini clothepins from Michael's and ribbon.  Super simple and easy to make.


We have a ton of cards from so many wonderful friends!


I used command strip style squares and thick wire edged ribbon.  You can always find ribbon sales at Michael's, especially leading into December.  I love this reindeer ribbon so much!  I picked up clothespins from the Dollar Tree.  Last year I used mini ones and it was difficult to keep the cards in place.  You can always decorate the pins with mod podge and glitter :)

With that, I hope you enjoyed our home and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Mine is like this. Growing up my mom and grandmother LOVED Christmas and would start decorating their houses the day after Thanksgiving! Now my fiancee thinks its strange that I get so excited for Christmas and want to decorate the house. Its not that his family didn't celebrate Christmas it just wasn't as big as it is for my family!

  2. Mine is totally like this! I am like a Christmas elf and he's like Scrooge. He surprised the heck out of me the other day though when I got into his car and the holiday station was on! I thought I got into the wrong vehicle! Haha! My husband basically leaves all the decorating, wrapping, shopping and baking up to me. I don't mind it because I love doing it. I just wish he was more excited for the holidays. It's such a great time of year!

  3. Maybe you should try to establish some new traditions together? Try to include him in some of yours and ask him more about his? And if there is something that neither of you have done but would like to, add that to your list :-)