Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World...?

Well we've survived the end of the world.
I think this is cause for a celebration.
In fact, it's the start of our winter break.
I put my hands up, they're playing my song...
This break could not come soon enough, I am so thankful for the time off.
I did kick arse on my last exam, scoring 100%. Really amped that happened and now I start break after tonight's late training ride.

Downloaded song of the week

Obsessed with this song and highly recommend adding it to your playlist for the repeatability (that's not a word...) factor.  I play songs over and over again, so if I can stand them with a 100+ play count, they're probably pretty good.  I'll try to put together a wonderful collection of holiday favorites over the weekend, just in case you need to make a playlist for your Christmas dinner.

Speaking of Christmas dinner, what are y'all making?
I'm thinking of making a turkey dinner for Christmas Eve and then steaks for Christmas Day.  I lurve turkey. Holy deliciousness.
Crockpot Recipe Collection

  I could always throw something in the crockpot, and with special thanks to my classmate Nicole for her awesome Secret Santa gift of a crockpot cookbook!  I use mine constantly and crockpots are just simply magical.  You can throw anything in there and it comes out delicious.  With such a busy schedule, our household crockpot has been used for dinners and class parties.  I think I may or may not have influenced many of my classmates (especially the guys) in getting one because they're so handy to have around.

  So far we've sent out 67 cards and have 13 left over to send out to family and friends- I know, so many Christmas cards! I actually had to order two different sets.  My favorite cards of the year are photo cards, just because I love to see so many shining faces.  So our first set were a more traditional open and fold card and the second set a flat photo card (both featured family photos).  The first 40 ran out so quickly and then I still had a ton of people to send them to, which I don't mind at all because sending and receiving anything in the mail (apart from bills) is so fun.  I don't think snail mail will ever die because of that.  I bet the U.S. postal service is having a field day with Christmas.  Every single time I'm there (which admittedly is rarely) it's crowded.  I try to buy stamps at our base exchange to avoid the lines and even going to the post office but I did have to go there to mail a package and pick one up.  How did I avoid mailing Christmas packages while being miles away from my FamBam?  An Amazon Prime account.  I get free two day shipping, so I would have my family members tell me what they would want and whambamthankyama'am, they sent back to Wisco in a few days.  I also heavily utilized Etsy, but who doesn't love Etsy?  If anything, it's a beautiful inspiration board, just like Pinterest. 

  Ermahgerd guys, I almost forgot that my Pampered Chef Cookie Press came in from eBay!  I grew up with one and I use to make so many Spritz cookies for the holidays.  It's on like Donkey Kong tonight as I, hopefully, will be able to make a ton.  The plan is to package some for our neighbors as a friendly, "thanks for being awesome."

Enjoy this weekend leading up to the big day!


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