Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Letters & Favorites

I should probably link up or something.
That's how the cool kids do it ;)
But I actually wanted to cover so much in this post, 
so I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing it all baby!

Obsessions for Today the Week ;)
I know I talked about how I was feeling a bit like the grinch this year, but after reading Lindsey's post on Pillow Thought and Ashley's post on Little Miss Momma, I suddenly felt like my heart grew two sizes too big.  Lindsey's little girl is so cute and can I say, what adorable matching jammies?  I will definitely be making Christmas morning videos from now on, they're a perfect way to capture holiday memories.  I loved Ashley's post because I feel like that's how my future Christmases will be and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Speaking of all things warm and fuzzy, Jordan over at Southern Hospitality, just posted her wedding video and it is simply perfect.  She got married earlier this month and did most of it on her own in terms of DIY crafting.  It's so beautiful and in Kimmie fashion, I love all of the details.  Last but no least, I tried probably ten times today in convincing my husband to take me to the animal shelter to go look at puppies.  He has resisted all ten times, but persistence brings results so I will keep Badgering him until I see said results (haha get it, "badger"...a little Rosebowl humor).  But if you're like me and want to save all da little babies, check out Kayla's post at Sealed with a Kay on how you can help shelter animals.

Friday Letters
Dear Amazon and Kindle Fire,
My goal is to actually purchase more of your daily deals, since they are so awesome. I would like to make more use out of you Kindle Fire but I am a stubborn sole and I love holding a tangible novel in my hands, so please excuse my stubbornness.

Dear Cake Carrier aka Transporter of All Things Delicious,
I am incredibly excited that I found you at Marshalls for $12.  Normally you are around $26 and I was so excited that I was able to justify the purchase to Ryan and he bought it for me.  Ka-ching!  I now plan on making all sorts of delicious cakes and cupcakes for every type of occasion- huzzah!

Dear Blog Lady Commenter,
Your comment bothered me, probably because it became rather apparent that you did not read the post to begin with.  If you're going to comment and offer me a lecture on marriage, I suggest you read the post.  Secondly, I have been married for almost two years, so I really wasn't sure what you were trying to get at with your comment.  I appreciate any and all comments as a form of discussion, but yours honestly felt like a day late and a dollar short.

Dear Nikon DSLR,
You and I are about to have a whole lot of fun.  Call up your friend, the tripod, and blog readers can expect a lot more family photos.

Dear Winter Exodus,
You are the perfect amount of time off.

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