Saturday, December 29, 2012

Read Your Way Across the USA & December Cara Box 

For December, I decided to participate in a fun blogger exchange by Wifessionals called the Cara Box Exchange.   Essentially you are partnered up with two people, one you send to and one you receive from.  I e-mailed both of my people and we discussed things we were looking forward to this seasonThe theme was holiday sparkle and my exchange partners were Christin from Babies, Bosses, and BFs and I sent my holiday sparkle package to Tanya at The Baksha Five.  I received from Christin an adorable picture frame, a sign that says "Unlock your Dreams," a vanilla-scented candle (love me some candles), and adorable ornaments- tons of holiday sparkle!  Christin definitely recognized how I love all of the little holiday details :)  She also sent me a lovely note along with the package.  She's a sweetheart!  If you care to see what I sent Tanya, check out her lovely post!  It definitely made me smile and I hope both ladies thoroughly enjoyed their holiday season.

Now for those who didn't participate in this month's Cara Box, I found this site, Epic Reads, off of a Pinterest link and there's this really cool map in which you can "read your way across the USA." They have additional maps and other resources.  If you're interested in challenging your book arsenal, give these books a look.  I have only made a slight dent in this reading list and I haven't even read the book listed for Wisconsin- oh the shame!

Have fun reading!!

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