Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Recap

Guys, it's almost 2013

Time for a recap!

- On the 7 January, I started this lovely blog under the name The Wild Blue Yonder, it's an Air Force reference.  My husband was still deployed to Aghanistan and many of my friends were encouraging me to post my crafting projects and especially my care packages.

- Sucked at blogging, probably because I found out that Ryan wasn't coming home in March and his deployment got extended until May.  Yep, that would turn the happiest of bloggers into a sour patch kid.

- Although I didn't really blog during this time, I did make a lot of care packages and my Care Package post is my most popular blog post, channeling a lot of hits from Pinterest.  Thanks y'all!

- Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
- Ryan came home from his second deployment to Afghanistan
- Moved to California
- Celebrated our 1-year anniversary
- We got our Holly baby and she is the cutest puppy ever.
Now this post was for when Ryan finished his contract with the Marine Corps, however, it includes several videos of what happened during the year and especially the month of May. 

- Holly, our fur child, gave Ryan his first Father's Day card.

- Went back to visit Wisconsin while Ryan had leave.  Holly swam in Lake Michigan for the first time and grew a fondness for sprinklers. Ryan and I also had epic Wii marriage battles.

- I made these sweet silhouette canvases, some garbage bread, a paint swatch calendar and much more.
- August provided the most blog posts of the year, including guest posts from Meagan (favorite reads), Laura (tips on thrifting), and Becca (becoming Miss Kenosha).
- I made the move from Camp Pendleton to Central Coast California to start my life as a new AF officer.

- Did a little post on what it was like at our new rental property and how our property managers failed to mention quite a few things.
- Celebrated my roommate's birthday!
- Went on my first wine tour.

- I took all of my readers to a Marine Corps Ball.
- I showed a few tips and tricks on holiday decorating.
- Kind of got off of my chest my feelings for a lot of the blogs that are starting to lose their content.

- Decided to start celebrating Chanukah/Hanukkah on my own.
- Wrote a letter to Santa.
- Joined GBE 2 and started more continuous writing prompts
- Guest post from Destiny at A Little Serendipity

 Thanks for being my readers *tear*


Since I've become way more active in the blogosphere, I plan on blogging more and having better quality posts- that is my pledge to my readers :)
Expect some humor, some emotion, and a good times my friends

Also I have a link-up project in the works and I'm hoping you'll want to participate!
If your blog is interested in helping co-sponsor, let me know by e-mailing me or commenting below.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks like you had a very busy year- I see you're a book chat girl so I know where you found my blog, thanks for the ad swap :) Always nice to find new bloggers because of those kind of things. Can't wait to read more about your adventures!