Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Valentine Blogging Party

Blogger swaps sometimes can be a hit or miss for me.  I sometimes find them to be super difficult to shop for and I know I like to put a lot of thought into what I send people.  However, sometimes that's not reciprocated. When I came across the 2013 Valentine Blogging Party hosted by these lovely ladies:


I thought it was well worth the time to sign up for because I just got good vibes from it.
I know, super scientific and full or credibility, however I am so glad I signed up because I met AJ from "The Fashionable, Fit Traveler."
AJ is awesome! 
She is one of the nicest bloggers I have ever met and I loved exchanging e-mails with her.
I received my Valentine's Day care package from her today and she did such an amazing job!
Seriously though, I love everything she sent me :)

Incredibly cute note cards! Definitely need to do something like this for my blog.
 I love pink and anything glittery so when I opened the package, I first saw a glittery, pink make-up bag and I knew right then and there that AJ did a kickass job.

In the make-up bag was a ombre set of pink nail polish, a lip gloss in an adorable animal print (love me some animal prints) and a lovely black, sideways cross bracelet.

I already tried the lipgloss and it was sparkly and fantastic! It also smelled great and is a perfect accessory over any red or pink shade of lipstick- which are my signature styles.
I also desperately needed a new make-up bag and this is perfect before our trek to Montana.

AJ you're the best!


 Are you exchanging any gifts for Valentine's Day or participating in any swaps?
A dur- the awesome possum blogger book swap. ;)

Thanks for Reading!


  1. YAY! SO glad it made it safely and that you like everything. The makeup bag looks awesome in the sunlight!! And I cannot wait to see how the ombre nail polish looks :-) And THANK YOU again for my rock!


    1. The bag is fabulous and I can't wait to ombre my nails :)
      You did such a great job with the swap!

  2. What a great exchange! I'm all about the nail polish and Forever 21. You got some goodies! Aside from the book swap, I haven't participated in any other swaps.