Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guest Blog Post: Challenges of Being a Housewife

Ahoy Mates! I'm reporting from a hotel in Idaho that kind of smells like older folks...but that's ok (probably because I'm exhausted). Holly played in snow for the first time today and it was a bit of a challenge, to say the least. We spent probably a good two hours all together, going in and out of the building, coaxing her to do her business outside. I think she was extremely distracted by the colder weather and she was excited, yet confused about the snow. Whenever the snow shifted under her weight, she would make a mad dash for the closest sidewalk. Two hours later and I think we may have a snow bunny on our hands. Today was the longest segment of our trip and it was sweet relief to finally make it to the hotel. Tomorrow, we'll be at the final stop of our journey and I'm super excited. In other news, I really need to get a good winter coat.

While I'm adjusting to cold weather and trying to get our German Shepherd to pee in the snow, Jessica from Living La Vida Holoka has kindly offered to be the third guest blogger this week. She talks about her transition from the 9-to-5 sector to becoming a homemaker. When Ryan was in the Marine Corps, I spent my summers as a stay-at-home wife and I dreaded it. It was challenging in many ways that I had never expected and it makes me appreciate Jessica's post all the more :)

Hi everyone!  I’m Jessica and I blog at Living La Vida Holoka.  Last year I went from working 9-to-5 to becoming a housewife.  I had been working at my last job for six years before making the switch.  It was an adjustment at first to get accustomed to not having a daily work routine.  I had been working since I could get working papers. I was used to getting up early in the morning to drive into work, spend 8 hours behind a desk crunching numbers and coming home just in time for dinner.  I wasn't used to being able to sleep in later if I chose to and having the entire day open to do as I please. I eventually settled into my new role as a homemaker.  While I'm technically unemployed, being home is my first priority--it is a job to me.

I've realized that TV has created so many stereotypes about the American housewife dating back to black and white sitcoms. It was thought that women should be home to tend to the house and kids because the men were the ones bringing home the bacon. Then we jumped to housewives of the late 80's and 90's. Women who had a voice. Women who were turning the tables and letting their husbands know who's boss around the house. And here we are in the new millennium where the housewives wear designer labels, drive luxury cars and like to start trouble while competing for status.

It's only been 9 months since I've taken on my new role as a homemaker, but this is what I've learned so far:

We’re not all like Peg Bundy.  Life as a housewife is not all about eating bon-bon’s and watching soap operas.  It’s a rare occasion when I sit down to watch an entire show during the day.  I don’t beg my husband for money or find his company irritating.  I know how lucky I am to have an opportunity to stay home.  I love my husband for working hard so I don’t have to.  I would never take advantage of that.  Besides...I don’t nearly own enough animal print and spandex to be like Peg Bundy!

We’re not all like Donna Reed either.  I don’t vacuum the house in pearls and heels or walk around in an apron.  I don’t have dinner on the table right when my husband walks through the door from work.  But I do make sure that I don’t give my husband worries about the house.  My house is always clean.  Our bellies are always full.  The shopping is always done.  I'm a good little Mrs. and my husband appreciates all that I do for him while I'm at home. He's made it easier on me by letting me stay home just as I've made it easier on him so he doesn't have to lift a finger around the house.

I am a REAL housewife.  And not like the ones in Atlanta, New Jersey or anywhere else they've filmed. Honestly, I don’t even know exactly what those housewives do because I've never watched those shows. I can tell you that my life isn’t about drama.  I don’t go on lavish trips or spending sprees, or spend lots of money entertaining.  Don't get me wrong--I do go out to lunch sometimes and plan shopping trips when I can afford it.  I'm not a diva even though I know I've got it good. I am a real housewife with real responsibilities.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post. Please come visit me at Living La Vida Holoka!


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  1. It's so funny watching dogs get used to the snow for the first time. The dogs my family had seemed to love it once they got used to it.

    I hope you enjoy my post!

  2. Aw love Jessica!! While I like working, I have summers off (i know perks of being a teacher) and can indulge in the fantasy of being a housewife and use those months to try and convince the husband to let me be a housewife for real hahahah

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