Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Mad Case of Baby Fever

Sculpture, not a real baby, but props to Donna on being an incredibly talented artist.
Having been married for almost two years,  I thought that I may get the occasional bought of baby fever but would dismiss it as a "I'm not ready for this quite yet" type of circumstance.  Or at least, that's what I have been doing. 

We had good friends of ours say that they have been talking about "trying" next April.  Then they said, "you guys should try to get pregnant, too!"  Ryan and I looked at each other and while Ryan looked insanely nervous, my mind wandered off to the idea of finally bringing baby Erskine into the world.

Ryan and I are still young, I still consider ourselves to be newlyweds, and I have school loans as far as the eye can see.  I will also have a rigorous military schedule.  Now is not the time to have a baby.

Please tell that to my baby fever-ridden mind.  

It has been terrible as of recently.  I'm not sure if it's the "influx" of pregnancy announcements or the "we're expecting" photo shoots that have filled my Facebook newsfeed and pages of blogger land, but the idea of having a baby has been filling many of my thoughts and simply won't go away.  

I can't visit Jessica's blog at Little Baby Garvin without thinking what about having my own little Harpsicle around the house.  Not to mention, I have so many ideas to celebrate my future pregnancies.  You may have seen Jessica's adorable chalkboard monthly pictures floating the boards of Pinterest and I plan on doing exactly that.  Jessica is gorgeous, so creative, and I love her sass and honesty.  Plus Harper is the cutest thing alive!  I adore the dancing baby videos that Jessica posts and how much of Harper's personality you can already see.  You also provides really awesome reviews on products and I find myself bookmarking them.  I'm not even a mom and I already know what type of products I want to use.  Lordy

The absolutely charming Ruthie has announced over at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, that she and her husband are expecting and much like a groupie at a rock band concert, I anxiously await each blog post announcement.  Yes Ruthie, I'm living vicariously through your pregnancy.  I never would have thought that I would ever say that, nor ever be that creepy (sorry girl!). But seriously, Ruthie is like the cutest pregnant woman alive and I can't wait to see how else she chooses to showcase her pregnancy.  I particularly love how she and her husband, Jon, have been including prayer in their time of "trying" to get pregnant and throughout the celebration of their Hart baby.  Admittedly, I do not want to be as sick as Ruthie has been (the idea of morning sickness is nauseating in itself), but that lady has the best attitude about the whole thing.  Hopefully, I'm that awesome whenever the time comes for us.
I am also completely enamored with the idea of decorating a nursery and having cute decorations and details.  Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids, anything on Etsy- you name it and I start dreaming of ways to incorporate it into our household.  Just take a look at my "Baby Erskine" Pinterest board.  I also love children's books and can't wait to establish a great library for my little one.  Have I wandered the aisles of a bookstore and found some of my favorites?  Yes and then reluctantly put them back, telling myself, "in a few years." 

Lindsey over at Pillow Thought always has the cutest ideas for her little girl and I love all the posts involving fun ways on how she interacts with her child.  The outfits alone and fun educational products would get any person thinking about becoming a parent.  Lindsey makes it look easy.

I also recently took a course at The Influence Network on how to creatively fund an adoption.  Now Ryan and I have considered it and I am always willing to consider adoption before "trying" to have biological children just because whether I physically birth them or just hold them in my heart, I love kids.  I didn't think I would want children at 23, and who knows, I might not have them until I'm 28 or older.  I just know that I've actually started to seriously consider the possibility.  Now my birth control of choice is Mirena and so I would have to have it taken out and maybe that was an incredibly smart decision for this part of my life.  I know Ryan and I "planned" on waiting for another two years but who knows, it's really dependent on where life takes us.

These ladies and so many other bloggers, Instagrammers, and friends make me so excited to be a mom one day and I know Ryan is going to be such a great dad.  So who knows, maybe next April we'll start trying.  

For all the mommas and papas out there, what was it like when you decided to start "trying" whether it was to become pregnant or the adoption process?


  1. hehehe this post made me smile!!! You are so cute... please live through my pregnancy but please do not be as sick as I was!!! Baby Hart is MEAN TO ME! He/she better get all the misbehaving out of the way before they are born! I will be praying for you guys and that the Lord will stir your hearts to trust him when thinking about expanding your family :-) it will be one GORGEOUS baby when you do!

    1. Aw thank you so much Ruthie! I saw your mustache pacifiers and those are absolutely perfect for your fambam. So cute!

  2. Having a baby is the most beautiful and life changing experience you could ever imagine! Your whole life will begin to revolve around them, but it will perfectly okay with you because you have wanted nothing more!

    By the way I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Check it our here! :)