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#5 Link-Up: Literary Soundtrack or Character Crushes!

The anticipation is killing me- as you can see by use of caps lock but until then, it's time for our 5th link-up.  This week's writing challenge is actually up to our participants.
Kind of like a choose your own adventure.

Literary Soundtracks or Character Crushes... you decide!

For Literary Soundtracks all you need to do is create a list of songs that fit your favorite book or favorite stories.  Mixtapes anyone?
For Character Crushes, describe what character(s) you love and why.  Have a thing for Christian Grey, it's alright, now's your time to share ;)

Now you only need to pick one, but I'll be sharing both (I just couldn't decide).

A few weeks ago I finished Kelle Hampton's memoir, Bloom.  She has such beautiful photography and memories with her family that I think it would be wonderful to put together a list of songs that I love and can see with her family.

The Good Life by OneRepublic

A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion

Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick  

Hey Soul Sister by Train
I chose these four songs because the Hampton family lives in Florida as you find out in the memoir and these kind of remind me of fun, summery songs that would involve a great family dynamic.  If you've ever read Bloom or Kelle Hampton's blog, you're familiar that with the birth of her second child, Nella, she discovers that her baby is born with Down Syndrome.  The book goes through Kelle's process of adjusting her own preconceived notions and embracing her family.  I've been wanting to write down what my experience was like reading the book and I'm pretty sure I have a rough draft floating around here but it was a wonderful journey to read.  It was the first book I read while doing alerts and her experiences kind of helped me get through that transition period of my own experiences.  These four songs automatically came to mind, especially Anna Nalick's song "Breathe" because I remember moments in college being up late at night and playing the song because it made me feel better during tough or stressful moments.
What would you have chosen if you read Bloom?
When it comes to character crushes, I have many.  When thinking of the topic, I know that I have girl crushes but I could only come up with guys.  I can't wait to read what others choose to share! 
My chosen four are Heathcliff, Michael Hosea, Peeta, and Jay Gatsby. 
By the way, Tom Hardy is Heathcliff in a version of Wuthering Heights. You can thank me for this piece of knowledge after you watch it. ;)
Heathcliff is a dark and brooding character.  No way would his behavior be considered remotely acceptable by today's standards but for some reason, I just love his character.  I think there's something about that unrequitted love that gets me everytime.  His love for Cathy was unhealthy but he wanted to be with her, even past death.  That type of commitment isn't too often shown today.
To the best of my knowledge, there isn't a movie for Redeeming Love, but Henry Cavill just makes your heart pitter-patter.
Michael Hosea from Redeeming Love is on of my all time favorite characters because I strongly feel that most men should try and emulate his love and compassion.  Of course that would be impossible because each man is different, but I truly hope to raise my future sons (if I have any) in the same light.  Not only did he pray, but he had an open relationship with God and forgave everyone.  This includes his arrogant brother-in-law.  I would love to see this made into a movie and if it already has been, somebody fill me in!
Peeta from Hunger Games is one of my favorite male characters because he's just one of those good guys that you just want to kick Katniss in the shins to make her realize this.  My old roommate was dying over how Katniss just wouldn't accept his love for her.  I'm pretty sure Brittany, my old roommate, would have jumped into those pages and dragged Peeta out for herself if she could.  But who blames her?  We love Peeta because he is a genuinely caring guy who would risk everything for Katniss.  #TEAMPEETA
Finally Jay Gatsby makes the list because I am a sucker for unrequitted love.  Doesn't Daisy's character just make your blood boil?  Tom and Daisy are literally careless people and that's what drives the story.  You have someone like Jay Gatsby with so much hope and promise and he doesn't get the girl.  Instead, this teaches Nick Carraway about life.  It's my favorite book and this weekend I finally had the opportunity see the version with Leo as Gatsby.  My heart broke and over and over again.  All of that money, time, and effort to be wasted on someone as foolish and self-centered as Daisy.  It just breaks your heart.
So that is my literary soundtrack as well as my character crushes.  Make sure you link-up and join in on the fun and remember, you only need to pick one but if you want to do both- go for it!
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  1. I haven´t read Bloom but I heard many great things about it!
    But I can definitely relate to your memories when listening to Breathe by Anna Nalick. Oh how I love that song!

    1. Isn't that a great song? I really enjoyed putting together a collection of songs to kind of describe the book and my experience writing it. Thanks for picking an awesome soundtrack and sharing it, I loved listening along :)

  2. I love the songs you picked!! Yes to Heathcliff, Peeta, and Gatsby! *swoon*

  3. What a fun post to read... now I've got to think about which topic I am going to tackle. Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see what you pick. The link-up will remain open until next Saturday. It's a lot of fun to see what people pick and how they chose to interpret it.

  4. Love your picks but i must say when i read THG i was actually team Gale :)
    But i love Peeta too, i think he would make a lovely BF :)

    x Audrey

  5. I've only ever seen the MTV version of Wuthering Heights. Now that I know there's a Tom Hardy version out there, I must seek it out!

  6. This was such a fun prompt and I loved Leo at Gatsby! He definitely gets better with age.

  7. I love your choices! I love all of those songs. I sang A New Day for a school concert in 7th grade. I love her. I loved this prompt so much! Your crushes are amazing too. I totally forgot Gatsby. I didn't crush on him when reading but I'm totally crushing on Leo as Gatsby.