Friday, November 16, 2012

Change is a Good Thing


After much deliberation, I would like to unveil the newly named version of my blog.
I initially started with my name because I really wanted this to be an outlet to offer my name some branding with the crafting/DIY/design world but after awhile I decided that a fun name might be just the trick I need.  Who knows, if I get bored of it, my actual name will still be there ;)

The Simplicity of Being Curious was inspired by my love of books and my incredibly curious nature.  I tend to be spontaneous and I love going on adventures.  I wanted it to be very personal to me.  I know a lot of folks feel that their blog names are reflective of who they are but I often find myself looking at titles along on my Google Reader and wondering who exactly that is and what they're about.  I like to have fun and I occasionally throw some humor around, so I thought the title was perfect for me.  I'll be updating things around the blog and updating my advertising buttons.
That being said...


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