Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Dilemma

It might just be me, in full-blown rosy retrospection of Wisconsin winters, but to quote Dorothy,
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
...but quite literally, we're not.

We're in central California and this has to be the weirdest winter dynamic I have ever been a part of.

I'm used to this:

but instead, I now have this:

To say this is a strange dichotomy would be an understatement.
I am now trying to figure out the best way to hang up holiday lights because we don't have gutters here.  Is it weird to have snowflake decor when there really isn't any snow?
The Walmart has snowmen, snowflake lights and pine trees with fake glistening snow.
Um excuse me, it was 80 degrees yesterday.

A year ago I was throwing snowballs and trudging through slushy sidewalks on the UW campus and now I'm listening to satellite radio from NYC with them telling me I can go ice-skating at Trump's Ice Rink for free (this is in New York).

It doesn't feel like the holiday season here.  My new home just put up their city lights on the lamp posts while I drove through the city during lunch.  During the day, they looked like really ugly tinsel-ridden Christmas trees but in the night, all lit up, it was a little taste of something magical.
It was the first sign of the holidays around here.  It's not like there's going to be a Christmas snow.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm expecting out of this itty bitty city, but I sure do miss the grandeur of the holidays and the beautiful lights displays.

Yeah, I know it's Disney but c'monnnn this is awesome!
Nevertheless, I still plan on doing my best to make this an amazing Christmas.
That's why I wanted to share this awesome organization with all of you called Wreaths Across America.  It's a program that places wreaths on grave sites of fallen military members.  I visited Arlington National Cemetery, probably eight years ago, and to be in such a memorable and honored place was really moving.  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier brought tears to my eyes.  With this program you can choose to donate multiple wreaths or do a pairing where your purchase is sent as a donation to the program and you too, also receive a wreath for your home.

Consider choosing this program as part of your holiday decor and I certainly hope you're enjoying the season thus far.  I know I'll be enjoying the sunshine, even while listening to "White Christmas."


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