Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sconnie Gift-Giving Guide

Since I am missing the wonders of my beautiful home state, I thought a Sconnie gift-giving guide would be the perfect touch to reminisce on all I love about being a Badger.
Friday nights as an adult are a weird thing.  I can't really get away with going to Ian's for mac-n-cheese pizza in the wee hours of the morning.  Mainly because there isn't an Ian's out here but also because I'm a responsible adult <--worst worst--="worst--">
But when all fails, this $25 tee expresses exactly how I feel many a day ;)
I MISS MADISON (University of Wisconsin Badgers)

I have a necklace very similar to this and I absolutely love it.  It's a simple, yet charming way to show off your Sconnie pride. I adore the tiny heart detail.  While most of these necklaces are pricey, this comes in at $15.

My heart's in Wisconsin - aluminum
Source: zailove on Etsy

The Jellycat Woodland Badger is so adorable.  At 12" he is just the perfect size to cuddle up with during a chilly night or pulling all nighters in college.
Jellycat Woodland Badger 12"
Source: Amazon for $20

One year I asked for a Badger Snuggie and now I have three Badger Snuggies.  If you are without a Badger Snuggie, remove yourself from the rock you've been hiding under.  At $25, popularity is worth its price.

Wisconsin Badgers Printed Collegiate Snuggie Blanket
Source: Badger Planet
Do you ever get those wonderful Pinterest urges and realize if I make this, it will look awesome.  However, if I mess it up, it will be a really expensive waste of materials?  Well in case you've been swooning over the nail-and-yarn art, World on a String gives you some gorgeous options for reasonable prices.

Wild Wisconsin-stained
Source: henriettabloomfield on Etsy
and we can't forget the Green Bay Packers Go Pack Go!

Green Bay Packers- Stained Small
Source: henriettabloom on Etsy
Sometimes, you gotta do a good ol' #TBT

Vintage University of Wisconsin Badgers Acrylic Pom Hat Beret
Source: IKnowWhatImWearing on Etsy
I would totally LOVE to wear this on game day.  Love me some Badger gear.
But if that doesn't stand out enough for you, check out these totally adorable headbands from WisconsinSquirrels.  For $14, they're totes mcgoats adorbs. Yes, so much slang- so little time.
Wisconsin "Motion W" Sequin Headband (NEW COLORS)
Source: WisconsinSquirrels on Etsy
We dabbled a little bit in home decor, but if you want to add your own Badger-ific, Sconnie touch to items- this cross stitch is for you.  For $4.50, get the pattern and invest in some embroidery thread.  You could put this on a tote bag, sweatshirt, tee, or whatever.  It would be a really cute gift for any Sconnie.

Badger PDF Cross Stitch Pattern
Source: Nrapture on Etsy
Speaking of cute little touches, these would be perfect in any Badger home.  Not only do they have that adorable heart detailing, but it's in the cardinal red and white.  Perfect!

Wisconsin Love Tea Towels
Source: RecreativeCrafts on Etsy
Now many of my good friends have graduate from Madison and other Wisconsin schools.  They're growing up, getting married and having wee lil Badgers themselves.

Here are a few of my favorite items for love, marriage and baby carriages:

Wisconsin Wedding Gift - Personalized State and Heart - Custom Wedding Date - Anniversary - Location City State Modern Art Print - 8x10
Source: EmbieOnline at Etsy

University of WISCONSIN BADGERS block fabric handcrafted football armband wedding bridal garter
Source: BosBlossoms on Etsy
badger baby
Source: lynleameiser on Etsy
Alright, well since I basically want everything on this page, I think it's time to call it quits.
Hopefully this will spark some creative gift-giving this holiday season.


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