Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meet Kayla from Sealed with a Kay

Happy Saturday Err'body! 
I would like you to meet one of my new bloggie friends, Kayla, from the blog Sealed with a Kay.  I met her by being sponsors on another blog and I love checking out her new posts.  She covers different aspects of her life and it's a good variety of fun posts, so definitely check her blog out. I just did and found another cool blog and new Instagram feed to follow.  #clutch 

Although she's not a huge fan of the holidays, she does have some fun traditions that she shares here:

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of holidays, but I do like the time off from work! Mike and I don't really have holiday traditions that we do each year. We enjoy roasting pumpkin seeds, decorating for Halloween, getting zombied out for the Houston Zombie Walk, I enjoy making as many pies as possible for Thanksgiving, Mike enjoys eating them :), but most of all, because our friends and families are so scattered all over the world, we enjoy visiting them as much as possible, and if we happen to spend a holiday with them- even better. Flying standby is hit or miss, so holidays can be especially difficult depending on where we are trying to fly. This year, we are hoping to spend the holidays with some of Mike's family in Peru.


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  1. You are so sweet! Thank you! I love your new layout, the header is perfection!