Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gifts for the Stud Muffin In Your Life

People know me for my exuberant smile
Smiling's my favorite- Elf

I couldn't come up with a better lead-in for a holiday post than recognizing one of my all-time favorite holiday films.  Therefore I'm breaking the ice on my holiday-themed blogging.

I love Christmas.
Always have, always will.
However, this is the first Christmas that my husband and I will actually be in the same country and conveniently, it's our second Christmas being married.
Oh murr-age
In the magical land of Target commercials and Macy's ads, 
I would be the perfect spouse with stationary containing 
the most perfect ideas on what to get my husband for Christmas.

Truth be told, I have no clue.
Last year I got him numerous gifts throughout his deployment but focusing on Christmas,
I got him Walking Dead: Season 1, an iPod Touch and I'm sure other things.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, please refer to my care package blog post.
It all started to blend after awhile.

So I went straight to the source.

Kim: Babe, what do you want for Christmas?

Ryan: I just want to be with you (he's finishing up his USMC contract).

Kim: Well that's swell but seriously, what do you want?


Ryan: oh idk

That's a text message, my husband doesn't verbalize text-lingo acronyms.

But you see my problem.
I went straight to the source with no results.
It's like shopping for my parents.
C'mon people, cut me some slack.
I think people like to challenge me but really, if you want something, just let me know.
He's been wanting a new computer since he'll soon be a new college student (yay academia!)
We're Mac people so I was going to get him a Macbook Pro but I already have one and so we could share for now but that's always a strong contender.
What about other ideas or the ever looming "stocking stuffer."
My mom Santa would leave adorable VS underwear and Bath and Body Works products in my stocking. 
Now thinking about it, I shouldn't have crossed out "mom." The thought of an old dude putting panties into a stocking for a high school girl is really not quite right.
So I could get my husband some new boxer briefs and socks.
Did anyone see the new issues of Cosmo and Glamour?
Dawson said that guys love receiving that kind of stuff so that they don't have to buy that themselves.
Gawrsh, I'm :/

Maybe I'll put together a great montage of gifts for newlyweds :)



  1. I am right there with ya is so hard to shop for Jon!! Let us know what you choose haha

  2. I have such a hard time shopping for my husband. love this!

    Helene in Between