Saturday, January 5, 2013

Experiencing the Rose Bowl

While in college, going to the Rose Bowl never worked out.  Luckily for me, the Badgers went for a third time! In case you didn't catch the game, *spoiler alert* they lost.  Nevertheless, Ryan and I had a great time and here are some pictures from our little vacay.

We decided to board Holly at a local kennel.  This involved packing up little baggies for her and collecting some of her favorite toys and a blanket that our friend Meagan sent her for Christmas.  Holly was so excited to go there and was super hyper in the office.  This was our first time boarding her, so Ryan was nervous, but it all worked out.  German Shepherds experience separation anxiety, so I don't think she fully enjoyed her experience but I was happy that she was being taken care of and had the opportunity to play with other dogs.

 Snuggling and Holly showing some classic yoga moves

So we were off to the Rose Bowl.  It was a little over a three hour drive to get there and decided to stay in Rosemead instead of Pasadena.  We arrived on the 31st and surprisingly enough, did not shop around at the mall located conveniently across the street.  However, when we did drive into Pasadena, I fell in love.  It had a great mix of stores and restaurants and just a fun vibe.   

Since this was our first New Years together, I was pretty amped up.  I was ready and waiting for my first New Year's kiss and to spend that time with my husband.  We had a really relaxed evening and ate dinner at a restaurant/bar called BJ's (I know...tactful).  I'm not big into drinking, but I still enjoy a few drinks every now and then (I did go to Wisconsin), so I had a great Long Island at the hotel bar and Ryan continued with a few drinks at the restaurant.  Ryan picked up a few more drinks later on and then Ryan went to bed. He went to bed! It was only 10:30!  I thought I could let him rest but he was super sleepy, so I continued watching the ball drop on TV.  I was slightly upset that my New Year's kiss was fast asleep due to the effects of alcohol but in Kimberly fashion, I made a bad situation good.  I made a hilarious photoshoot in which Ryan won't let me post.  It's not inappropriate, I promise, he's just sleeping through all of it :P

Although I didn't get my kiss at midnight, I remember sleepily complaining to Ryan at like three in the morning and I got a nice kiss then.

Time for Game Day! I wore my classic, well-worn Game Day bibs and we had room service for breakfast.  There, my friends, is the deliciousness of a mango-pineapple smoothie. Da-lish!


 Stanford Band, although they looked ridiculous, created this awesome Wisconsin!

 The Wisconsin Band- Love em!

We ended up losing the game and it was actually pretty disappointing but we ran into a few Wisconsin friends and it was really nice to catch up.  Ryan and I enjoyed some Cheesecake Factory and it was so good.  I miss really good eats like that!  The next day we headed back home and this little lady missed us tremendously.

As if I couldn't enjoy enough of Wisconsin loves, one of my wonderful friends, Becky, visited her hometown for Christmas and brought back these awesome goodies.

 Coffee from Watertown, WI

Penzey's Spices that originated in Wisconsin

We've had a great week!
Thanks for Reading :)

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