Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#onelittleword 2013

Disclaimer: I say one foul word in this blog post and I don't intend to edit it. 
But keep scrolling through, because there's a wonderful surprise at the end, I promise!

Some of my favorite bloggers, designers, and overall creative minds have been throwing around the hashtag and phrase, "one little word."  I was intrigued, especially since #onelittleword was usually accompanied by a cute necklace, bracelet, or scrapbooking/journaling activity.
Um, raises hand, that's right up my alley.

Let me tell you friends, I love this idea.
One little word encompasses everything you want out of the new year.  It's so much more than resolutions or a list of goals, it is what you want the year to be.  That in itself is so inspiring.  You have a brand new year, a new slate filled with memories to be made.  Pictures must be taken and people need to be met.  You can read more about this concept over at Ali Edwards' blog.

The most beautiful thing about this, is that it's a single word.  One word that describes exactly how you feel.  That can be challenging and may even instill anxiety to be so definite with something.  However, I just love it.  For once you have to decide, this isn't open-ended.  It's like a realistic goal.
You will accomplish this.

So I started brainstorming my one little word.
After a week or so of trying to figure out what new year's link-ups I wanted to be a part of, I had already created lists of goals or resolutions or something like that because I actually dislike calling them resolutions- then it hit me- write it all down.  So I started thinking of what I could contribute to a 101 in 1001 list (a future blog post you can anxiously wait for) and my one little word just came to me.


As I write this, 2013 hasn't even started on the west coast and it's still so incredibly exciting.  I have my life partner with me for an entire year.  That's a big fuckin' deal.  We are finally together to go on adventures and experience new things.  It's not just me on my own, it's us.  We now have the opportunity to be together and actually live as one, instead of two bodies united despite the worldly distance of a war and deployment.  2013 means that we're getting another dog.  Not just that, but we're going to help a little fur baby out in life.  We're giving him (getting a boy this time) the opportunity to experience love, compassion, and to be insanely spoiled.  I've been obsessed with dogs since I was a baby.  There is something so beautiful in animals- they see no wrong in people.  If I can give an animal a good life through my means and capabilities, I will grasp that opportunity.  2013 is 365 days of accomplishing goals and dreams.  Sometimes that means when a door closes that you find a window, or just bust through the wall and make your own door.  I want to become a part of the Amazon Vine club, be an advanced reader (or test reader) for a publishing author, and so much more.  I plan on doing these things. It will happen! :)

So I invite you to participate, write a blog post, write it down and hang it up where you'll see it everyday as a reminder of your expectations of this year.  I've already seen many bloggers out there with their word for the new year and I love it!

One way I chose to commemorate such an important word to 2013 is I made a necklace from Glassy Chic Boutique made by Jessica Ely.  Click on that link and it will take you to her adorable Etsy shop.  I chose a hand stamped bar necklace because of its handmade simplicity.  For me, it's symbolic of staying focused, not getting distracted, and keeping my priorities in order.  It's a daily reminder of how awesome 2013 will be.  Jessica and I began messaging for the order and I explained to her what #onelittleword is all about and she loved the idea.  She was awesome enough to talk about her experiences being the shop owner of Glassy Chic Boutique:
My name is Jessica Ely and I am the owner of Glassy Chic Boutique on Etsy. I create and sell custom hand stamped and photo Jewelry. I'm all about custom. Most everyone has someone or something special to them, so why not hold them close, show it off and be reminded everyday!

When Kimberly put in her order for a custom hand stamped necklace with her "new years resolution word", and told me about the #onelittleword concept, I was more than excited! What a fabulous idea, I thought! I mean, It's often so easy to come up with a resolution for the new year, but to stick with it, now THAT can be the challenge. This necklace will allow Kimberly to be "held accountable" and act as a reminder to her throughout the year. When others ask her what her necklace says, she gets to share her story, how perfect!

Kimberly chose the "bar necklace", which has four sides. Four sides to get creative with! There is a 12 character maximum on each side. So,within the 12 characters, the possibilities are endless! :-)

Here's to wishing everyone's new years resolutions come true!

Custom Bar Hand Stamped Necklace.  Hand Stamped on all FOUR many options..great for men and women alike
Source: GlassyChicBoutique by Jessica Ely
What could be more awesome than embracing what your 2013 will be?  
My very first giveaway!  
Jessica has been kind enough to give you all the opportunity of winning a hand stamped bar necklace from her Etsy shop, Glassy Chic Boutique.  Enter below for your chance to win one of these amazing necklaces and to perhaps get you started on your #onelittleword journey.  The contest starts January 4th and ends the 11th, so make sure to spread the word and enter yourself.  Having my #onelittleword has made me all the more excited for the new year and I hope it does the same for you :)

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Good luck and thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful, is one little word I would use to describe your writing and this blog post. I love it! It is very inspiring and good timing as I just got back from a walk where I did some serious resolution thinking. Best wishes!

  2. I love this blog post and the opportunity for a giveaway! I absolutely love the bar necklace and am looking for something unique and beautiful to give my bridesmaids as a present for being so gracious during my wedding! I love all of the things you talk about with an opportunity! Such an important thing to look for in a new year!!

    1. Jessica is an absolute joy to work with and I found her shop by searching on my own for a product that I knew that I would want to wear on a daily basis. Your bridesmaids will love this! Jessica is sending my necklace over the next couple of days and I'll have a picture posted here. I am so glad you enjoyed this blog post. I love embracing the new year with a word that can help me cultivate what this year will mean to me. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Kimberly, I love this blog post and OPPORTUNITY as your #onelittleword for 2013. I think '13 will be a great year for all of us who choose to make it great. Thanks for the giveaway offer, I'm looking for a unique necklace .... plus it's on my 2013 resolutions list!

    Nicole @ Three 31

    1. Thanks Nicole! twenty13 is going to be amazing. I love being a part of the blogging community because it has helped share so many wonderful ideas and new things to try. #onelittleword is the start to an awesome journey for me and so many things to look forward to :)

  4. I absolutely love this post! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to read up a bit more on this tomorrow and see if I can find my own word :) Wish I had though of "opportunity" first hehe jk.

    1. Lesley, help your self to the word "opportunity"! If you want it, it's yours :) #onelittleword is such a personal journey and if that word fits, you should have it, too. I wish you all the luck in your search for your one little word.

  5. My word would be "courage". I am using it as my mantra for 2013 as I have any exciting changes this year and I am making them all on my own depending only on myself. I live on my own and do everything on my own without depending on others as so many do. So I need a healthy dose of courage in this beauitful bracelet. I am entering graduate school, moving to another State, buying a new house with land and a new car. That takes courage by yourself! Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing bracelet. I think it would really help me through the many challenges I have ahead.

    1. Definitely know how that feels and "courage" is a fantastic word for your #onelittleword. Jessica makes beautiful necklaces and I can't wait to receive and share mine on the blog. Any opportunity that gets me this excited, is well worth sharing. Thanks for visiting :)