Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time with Friends and Playing Cupid

Our good friends, Meagan and Jeff, came to visit us for the long weekend and we had such a blast.  They came up on Saturday and we ate dinner at a local steak house and saw "Zero Dark Thirty." I really enjoyed it, although for such a strong, female lead, I thought she overstepped a lot of areas.  Basically in my opinion, that was an unrealistic portrayal of how that all works in terms of chain of command or chain of infrastructure.  Regardless, I enjoyed it.  On Sunday morning we visited a local "country kitchen" which is well known for its delicious breakfasts.  I had their signature omelette skillet and Meagan and I shared a "hot mess muffin."  It was really nice to catch up and just be with another couple that has grown with us as well.  Jeff and Ryan have deployed together and Meagan and I went through our first deployment on the homefront together, even though we were states apart.

While visiting the steak house on Saturday, the boys decided to frequent the bar and Meagan and I made a trip to Target.  Lordy, do I love Target.  They sell the Papyrus line of cards and I got to play cupid a little bit for my hubby (but it's a secret because he doesn't know yet!).

I came across these cards and I love them! I always get Ryan a romantic card and then a sassy card, just because they're too much fun.

I don't think I'll have time to make valentines this year and we'll also be moving on Valentine's Day, so I'm excited to have all of these little preparations already set to go.  What will you be doing for Valentine's Day?

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  1. I love Target, too. It's so bad for me because I live just a few minutes away from one so I feel like I'm always there! I love Papryus, too. I custom made a romantic Valentine's Day card for my husband, but there are so many fun and sassy ones! I never thought of giving him both!

    1. Custom made cards are the best! I always enjoy making them for my girlfriends because I feel like my besties appreciate them just a little more than my hubs, because we all love DIY and craftiness.

      If I lived by Target, there would be problems. While in college, Sundays were my "explore Target" day. #dangerousonthewallet

  2. On Valentine's Day, I plan to enjoy a quiet night at home with my kiddos. (:

    And isn't Target THEE BEST?

    1. That's wonderful :)
      I love that people celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways, whether it's with family, a significant other, or focusing on making your individual self happy.

      Target is the best place on Earth. I mean if I can't go to Disney World everyday, it might as well be Target on the weekends ;)