Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Literary Junkies 7.0

Had fun chatting with the other Literary Junkies and wanted to share some of the things I'm working on in terms of my little literary world ;)

I finally got my hands on an eBook copy of a Sophie Kinsella book!   

I absolutely love libraries and not only being able to borrow books by physically visiting a library but also digitally.  I'm such a book nerd about how excited I am about this.  However, I have like a 3-day loan on it so I'm trying to wrap this post up so I can get back to it.  I feel bad for ever judging chick lit because of a few bad samples.  Sophie Kinsella is hilarious and I love the character of Poppy so far!

 My three top reads that just fit warm summer days with a cold drink in your hand.
I have never finished Gone with the Wind, however the last time I tackled it was a summer years ago.  It's time to read this classic and watch the movie again.  If you're looking to get wrapped up in a summertime romance, consider Rhett Butler for your inspiration. Bloom is a book that I love and I could see myself re-reading this on a warm summer night surrounded by my little family.  Kelle is such a fun writer and blogger.  After you read the book (which I love), check out her blog.  Her posts are family-oriented and I feel like I would love to be a part of her life.  I read The Help during the summertime and you can relate to that down South heat.  It's an amazing book and one that you won't want to put down.  I highly recommend it and it's perfect for the theme of summer.

Three books that I can't wait to read this...since June is basically next week.
I've seen the movie, heard their was a movie, and then there's a blogger.
Can you figure out that riddle? ;)
I enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook because I really liked Bradley Cooper and his family dynamic.  I like Jennifer Lawrence a lot and I liked them paired together.  For some reason parts of the movie didn't sit well with me.  I'm hoping that after I read the book it will all come together.
I just found out that The Handmaid's Tale also has a movie made in the early 90s. Oh boy howdy- gotta see it!  Finally, the wonderful Nicole from Three31 sent me a copy of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by blogger Jenny Lawson.  I've heard rave reviews on all three books and I'm excited to read em.

I know that I'm completely obesessed with this book and that it needs to become a movie but it needs to happen! Plus I truly think that Henry Cavill would be an amazing Michael Hosea.  

I know Nicholas Sparks is coming out with another book in September that differs from his normal writing format and that's incredibly exciting! The man is a genius when it comes to marketing a product because it works and he has one helluva loyal fan base.  I remember a couple years ago saying that I would love to have that type of literary career.  He might not write books of the year but he writes a product that makes people happy.  Can't hate on that.

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  1. I'm putting "Bloom" on my to-read list. I'm so anxious to read "Silver Linings Playbook!" My sister just bought a copy so she's letting me borrow it once she's finished with it. I don't want to see the movie until I read the book (I'm like this with every book-turned-movie). As far as my own summer reading list, let's just say I have a LOT of books to catch up on so who knows what I might end up reading! ;)

  2. I loved 'I've go tyour number'...just plain old fun summer reading! I need to figure out this elibrary thing though...that sounds awesome!

  3. I wasn't a fan of the Silver Linings Playbook movie, like, at all. I was bored. But I'm 2 chapters in and I'm enjoying it so far! Hope you fair the same!

  4. Your Sophie Kinsella book just caught my attention. I checked out my first audio book from the library last week and it's actually one by her. I had never heard of her until stumbling upon this. I put the first cd in last night and listened as I worked out. Seems like it's going to be really good. It's called, "Wedding Night". Now just to find more time to listen to it. :)

  5. I loved The Help, and Bloom. Let's Pretend This Never Happened is such a great book! Happy reading!

  6. So, the thing about Silver Linings Playbook is that it will not clear up any answers because it's almost like the movie has nothing to do with the book. I say almost because, well, there are very small connections, but mostly it's not. That being said: I LOVE the movie. It's relevant and quirky and moving and fun. ALSO, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the book. It's beautiful and really, really good!

  7. So excited to have just found your blog! Saving Bloom to my list to read, looks like a good one!

  8. I want to read I've Got Your Number so bad! Let me know how it is!

  9. Definitely can't hate on someone that knows how to sell a product! :) I loved The Silver Linings Playbook book. I haven't seen the movie though so I don't know how they differ. I've heard they aren't all that similar. I kind of want to see the movie cause of Bradley. ;) LOL

    I have yet to read Gone with the Wind. Maybe I will add that to my summer reading material. I just downloaded Les Mis for free on my Kindle but I may save that for the fall. As that doesn't sound like a summer read. ;) ha! So many books I want to bookshelves are full and my Kindle has like 4 books waiting on me!! ;)

    I do love the library lending thing and also the Kindle Prime lending library. That's just pure genius...especially for me cause I live in a small town and my library isn't the greatest, but it's connected to the North Texas library system as far as ebooks are concerned. So cool!

  10. I love literary junkies! I really should start linking up.

    Also I am totally on the same page as you with Reedeming Love. It just has to be a movie. Only I think it would be best as two movies or even a mini/series. That way it would be more in depth. SIgh. To dream.

  11. I'm totally surprised that it hasn't already been made into one. I'm convinced that Henry Cavill would be the most perfect Michael Hosea. Literary Junkies is awesome and I did get your comment or e-mail. I'll try and message you back on FB.

  12. Bloom's author is Kelle Hampton and her blog is her name as the URL. I have a review on the book and my experience with it coming out later this week. Thanks for the comment!

  13. And I'm also super excited about Silver Linings- picked up my copy at Target last week!

  14. IF I ever chase my pipe dream of becoming a director then I would sooo do this as a movie and yes it would be with Henry Cavill or Hugh Jackman for Michael. And I loved Hayden Panettiere for Angel. She would do an amazing job. Sigh. If only.
    I haven't got your email or FB message. Did you send it?