Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bout of Books Challenge: Personify that Story

Have you ever come across a story and you think this is the perfect story for my mom or that character is so like my ex-boyfriend?

Kelly and Amanda, the hosts of Bout of Books, have invited me to host one of their challenges.
In case you haven't heard about Bout of Books 7.0, here's your opportunity go on a book bender.  It has been so much being a part of the TweetChat community and meeting other avid readers.  For those of you that don't know what a book bender is, it's an opportunity for you to sit down and read READ read! You can also tweet about it and share what you're reading with others.  There's always a good possibility that you'll discover some books that you've never heard of and add to your TBR list.

Challenge: Personify that Story
How it Works:  Match a story to a person- sounds simple, but it can definitely be challenging.  Have you read story or watched a character develop and thought it sounded just like your mom or favorite celebrity?  Well now it's your opportunity to share.  Feel free to add pictures and explain why the two relate.  Below you can link-up and check out the other entries.  Can't wait to meet you all!

That handsome man is my wonderful husband, Ryan.  Why I think Eddie reflect Ryan and vice versa, they're just really similar.  They both have military backgrounds, come from working families.  He's been working his entire life and he's a man of few words.  He's very funny and sometimes crass but he is a wonderful man.  As I write this, I just got my wisdom teeth removed today and whoo boy, does it feel weird.  I had gauze in my mouth for like an hour and that was just gross.  I still can't feel my lips and parts of my chin, so call me drool city.  He has been giving me towels, water, feeding me, getting me new shirts and making sure I'm comfortable.  He went to the commissary right after my appointment and picked up a lot of soft food items that would be gentle on my mouth.  He cares so deeply for his family and I know that one day he's going to be a great dad.  If you've never read The Five People You Meet in Heaven, it's a story of man who essentially goes to heaven but the pathway there causes him to meet five people that were influenced by him.  They span the entirety of his life and are a cause of deep reflection for him.  It was a book that had me in tears and one that I highly recommend.  Eddie, the protagonist, is a hard worker and cares so deeply for his wife. I thought that quote was most fitting and I'm excited to see what you all choose!

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  1. I really like this challenge idea :) It actually made me think of a connection I haven't seen until now :)

  2. What an original challenge this made me look at my books in a whole different way. Very cool! :D

  3. Such a beautiful post! Great picture of your husband :)

  4. I thought this was a fun challenge. Very outside the box. That picture of your husband is beautiful. Love it!

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