Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blog Nommin'

One of the reasons that I enjoy blogging so much is that I feel like I'm back in my journalism classes, getting to know the stories of different people and being able to celebrate their individual journeys.
With that being said, I definitely want to share a few things on blogs that I've been reading.

Lindsay's kinder lifestyle at Trial By Sapphire involves so many things that I definitely want to try out.  The more I read her posts, the more evident it has become that she is one awesome person and we have a lot in common.  Her post on Earth's Berries Soap Nuts as a natural detergent, is one way to be economically and ecologically smart with your laundry, plus it's fun to use something different than liquid soap detergent.  This eco-friendly/fur baby friendly cleaner, made of basic products like vinegar, is also something I'd rather use around the casa.  I definitely like incorporating things into my lifestyle and household that are just better for you.  With so many products containing chemical substances, why not try a natural substance like this brand of deodorant, Crystal Deodorant? What's extra cool is the company tweeted about her!  The last time that happened to me was through the restaurant, Bubba Gump's.  I even learned about the company Lush, which has shampoos in a bar form! I thought soap only came in that but it's definitely something I want to try.  After reading reviews on the product's website, I think it's my next shampoo option.  Her blog also encouraged me to sign up for Ethical Ocean and now I'm excited to learn more and read Alicia Silverstone's book, The Kind Diet, and I've visited her website a few times as well.  Not only does Lindsay share her awesome tips but she loves animals (especially her cats), was a CASA in Southern California (one of my favorite organizations), and loves musical theater.

Another one of my favorite blogs is The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart.  Ruthie is adorable, hilarious and has so many posts.  Her blog really is versatile as she covers everything from her marriage, stories on her faith, what her dog Ernie is doing, recipes and so much more.  She posts so many great foodie pics, I want to try them all out!  I absolutely loved the bachelorette party that she put together posted as Last Fling Before the Ring, and automatically wished she was one of my best-friends so I could get an adorable party planned by her :P  As soon as I saw her post on these canvases for her home, I had to make some for our home.  I love how it incorporates so many important things that we value in our family.  She and her husband were even on House Hunters as they were trying to find a beautiful home in Austin.

Michelle at Mish Lovin' Life is hell-fricken-arious. She was my first blogspot blogged that I full on creeped because her posts crack me up and she's also a halfsie.  More power to the half-Asians!  Her posts on family make me miss my family all the more.  She even brought up Asian karaoke...yessss =] Her posts on Fasha (her papito), like this post with Michelle's commentary on her father's like for James Bond, made me realize that she deserves the top spot in my favorite blogs over to the left.  Yep, over there.  Nope you're looking right.  Now you've got it.  Her post on Buffalo Exchange, a place similar to Plato's Closet, made me chuckle as she comments on the ridiculousness that accompanies trying to re-sell clothing and feeling like you're in a version of Mean Girls.  These are just two posts that I particularly liked, although I've read through all of them.  I'm sorry Michelle, that sounds so creepy but you're hilarious and I can't help that I have so much time on my hands at the moment.

Alright and the fourth bliggety blog is Southern Hospitality featuring Jordan, a Southern belle who has awesome fashion and is also a Marine spouse.  Her posts on fashion, home decorating, hosting, school, military life, and patriotism always made me feel at home.  She's one of those military wives that I would just love to meet.  Her gorgeous monogram necklace gave me a new Etsy shop to check out and then copy and paste links onto Ryan's Facebook page (subtle blatant hints lead to awesome presents).   I love having a new last name, even though my "old" one was pretty swell.  Monograms are just so classic and elegant, love em!  The simplicity of her small, family wedding was so exquisite and I want to give major props to her husby for finding such a beautiful location.  They plan on having a larger wedding sometime later but it was a situation that I could totally relate to.

Alrightey, well those are four of my favorite blogs, however I have many more.  This is just something to get you started in the blogging community and I hope to hear from more of you.  I seriously love blogging and "meeting" new people.  Feel free to comment or suggest other posts!


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