Thursday, August 16, 2012

Neighbor Notes

As I get ready to move with the Air Force, I am always wary of what type of living situation I'm going into.  Our next rental property is part of a Home Owner's Association.
The last time I lived with one was while growing up and living with my family back in the Midwest.

This leads to memories of incredibly friendly neighbors, who were particularly nosy and loved knowing more about your business.
"Martha, you know you can't have your travel trailer there."
It's been in her driveway for an hour.
"Jim, why haven't you purchased a flag pole?"
Well one, because you sell them and I'm sure your already three existing sports cars can do without another one added. Plus, flagpoles are expensive.

On a sad note, after we moved out of that house, 
the new inhabitants painted parts of it this hideous, gawdy red.  
The shame!

This leads me to the ever notorious "neighbor note."
Well when I saw this on Pinterest, I couldn't help laughing.
I love neighbor notes. I have yet to receive one or give one (hopefully that never happens for either party), but they are hilarious.
I'm hoping our new neighborhood likes us and we tend to keep to ourselves so I don't predict us having any problems like these neighbors:


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