Monday, August 6, 2012

How To Make a Blog Button

Blog fail!
The lovely Andrea from Glam Hungry Mom
mentioned that she couldn't get my blog button links to work.
So I did a little exploring and found out that they weren't the right type of
HTML links at all.

So I fixed them and then thought,
I can't be the only one that this has happened to...

Ima help a sister out and give y'all the tools of the trade,
so you can avoid my mistakes.
Depending on the blog site, certain bloggers prefer a specific dimension size of the buttons they share.  I prefer 200x200 or at least at width of 200.

I made mine using Photoshop but you can make it in iPhoto or possibly event Paint
(woof, throwback to Elementary School)

In selecting my photos, I tried to pick something that would draw attention to my blog
or you could just use your face
people like faces
But on a less creepy note, faces do draw attention versus solely a catchy logo

Once you have zee button created, you need to upload it to a server. 
While I'm inbetween servers, I like to use TinyPic
but several bloggers use Photobucket or Picasa.
Explore some options and go with it.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for
the correct html code

Holy guacamole
I know it looks complicated but you can do it!
Blogging with Amy 
and it's towards the bottom of the page 
for your copying and pasting needs

 Things to keep in mind:
1. You need the image URL from the server site where you downloaded your picture 
aka the picture's website link 
2. The name of your blog that should be easy
3. Your site URL aka the website link up at the top over yonder
Just replace the bold with the appropriate responses and
You have yourself a button, a scrolling box, and a link to share with your blogger friends.

Additional points:
Let's say the scrolling box's size bothers you.
It's too small, it's too big, it says "drink me"...
All you need to do is change the first two numbers that appear.
In the example they are 123 px for the width and height.
My preferred scrollbox dimensions are 200 px for the width and 90 px for the height.
Play around, have fun with it and then share your button with me because I love a good blog.




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