Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wisdom Teeth


Right around the time that I went off of my parent's dental insurance and got married,
my wisdom teeth decided to be more present.
By more present, I mean all hell broke loose.

I've got a smallish mouth
and BIG teeth.

Like Beaver gone done git sum bizness done
Yes...all up in that vernacular

I've never had a small smile.
I've attempted but they usually end up like

Which makes me feel more like this

So it was no surprise that my wisdom teeth are fricken monstrous.
Small mouth + big teeth = impossible to clean wisdom teeth.
I was a college girl fricken teething. It was awful.

But since I do have big teeth, I'm usually pretty good about dental hygiene.
They're big and noticeable, might as well make them nice.
But when Ryan deployed, I got busy with school, and those bad boys came in...I started slacking.
Now I'm paying for it.

They should have been extracted a long time ago
and I could give you an endless list of excuses 
but I won't.
Instead I thought the above cartoon was appropriate.
I wish I could just pull these suckers out myself.

Oh and then I also have a few cavities.
Fail sauce.

I went to a new dentist today- Diamond Dental
That was the first experience I've had where the entire staff was just gorgeous.
All the female staff that I worked with today were so nice and friendly.
Of course, my wisdom teeth were awful, my cleaning took extra long, 
and I forgot to shave my knees and I was wearing a dress.

Do you ever get embarrassed at the dentist?
This is the first time and I seriously was mad at myself.

For one thing I know what those wisdom teeth look like
and would create reactions like
hangs head, I'm not proud

So I've got the x-ray technician, dentist, and hygienist oogling over my teeth
Don't forget, they are like oober beautiful
while I'm more like
This is my "getting x-rays done" face. I hate those little plastic pieces in your mouth. They hurt!

All for a 2-hour appointment
yeah, those wisdom teeth were that bad

So in conclusion,
Get rid of your wisdom teeth
otherwise they could get pretty funky

This is what I imagine I will someday look like, post-wisdom teeth removal


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  1. It seems like you are doing pretty well on dealing with your wisdom tooth issues. Your pictures look funny! Haha. But too bad you were not able to use the dental insurance provided by your parents. But you still have one that will help you with your dental issues and treatment in the future. There are dental plans that can give you good dental service and providers at a reasonable price.

    Dona Amorim