Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Silhouette Canvases

One of the first blogs that I first came across when I started blogging was, The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart.  She is super adorable and looks like a brunette Kristen Chenoweth.
I absolutely love her home decor and her little French bully named Ernie.
The canvases that she made were one of the first things to catch my eye.
You can find her DIY Silhouette Canvas Tutorial here

She was clever enough to use old canvases to make hers.

I purchased a multi-pack of five canvases from Michael's using a 40% off coupon.
Their iPhone and Droid App is completely free and you can even show your digital coupons off of your phone at the register.  Pretty simple!

Using an additional 20% off coupon, I purchased two, $3.99 acrylic paint tubes.  Again, that app came in handy more than once.  I used a grey tone and then an "arctic" white.

If you go to Ruthie's blog post, there's a link for an awesome site where you can upload pictures and it prints them off in a poster format. 
I chose a picture of HollyDoll (our adorable German Shepherd), a moment from Ryan's homecoming, and our home state- Sconnie Nation.
Once you have those images printed off, you can cut them out, tape them together and start tracing.
Depending on how you want your canvas to look, you may need to paint it first.  Mine took three coats of grey on the canvas to create the desired shade of grey that I wanted.
(only 3 shades of grey, instead of 50-hardy har)
 I traced mine in pen and then started painting it in with the white.
I initially outlined it first to create a "boundary."
(coloring inside the lines takes practice)
This also took several coats, so just have patience and make sure each coat dries.

It was super easy and I love how classic it looks. This is something that can go up in any of our houses, no matter where the military sends us.




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    1. Thanks! It's a super easy craft and it looks great on a mantle :)

  2. Thanks for posting this! When I can find some free time (it seems to be hiding from me lately) I'll have to give this a try!

    1. Thanks Julie! If you have some time in the evening and you're just chilling, this is a great craft to start during those times :)