Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters: Moving Edition


Dear TMO*, 
As annoying as you were to work with, I was delighted to have movers show up at our house today and finally pick up our things.  It was the first time I had ever worked with military movers and it was a cool and fairly quick experience.  Additionally, I am thankful that we don't have that much stuff because I loathe moving.
*That's a military acronym for Traffic Management Office aka how you move with the military.

Dear Husby,
Today we have been married for 1 year and 3 months.  Despite our arguments over a limited budget and the usual newlywed issues, I love being married to you.  Thanks for being my best-friend.  I am superrrr excited for our photo shoot on Sunday.  Thanks for doing your very best to make me happy.

Dear Roomie,
You are officially in the state of California!! Soon, we will be making the 5+ (God only knows with traffic) trip to our new base.  We've stuck together through three house attempts and things are finally starting to work in our favor.

Dear Craigslist,
You are uh-mazing.  Your resourcefulness has provided us with three major appliances for a very cost effective price.  I bow down to your greatness.

Dear Appliance Rental,
You're batsh*t crazy if you thought I was going to pay over $200/month for three appliances.  You've lost another customer to Craigslist.

Dear CP Friends,
I have loved all of the memories that we've made together on this military base.  I have learned, laughed and gotten to know all of you in such a wonderful light.  Continue to have a strong faith and be amazing Marine wives.

Dear Living Room,
You are very much naked right now.  It is making me realize that sitting against the wall-slash-floor is actually really uncomfortable.  Benjamin Button made it look way better.

Dear Pacific Ocean,
You are beautiful.  The sunsets with the palm trees here, along your beach shorelines are breathtaking.  I hope I'm always stationed somewhere with water. Fingers-crossed :)

Dear Holly,
Thank you for peeing on our bare mattress this morning, right before the movers arrived.  You have never ever done anything like this and so your act of rebelliousness will be forgiven this one time.  Little one, your bladder needs to become better at this.

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