Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Insta-Tuesday: Week Three

Eeee my first link-up! Checking out the Insta Tuesday with Jane over at Taingamala.

Top Left: Ryan and I driving to our friends' house (Meagan and Jeff) to enjoy a Sunday lunch with them.  Meagan made a ton of wings (in three different flavors) and had french bread with spinach dip.  There were also slices of cucumber with a type of cheese spread.  It was super yummy!  Not only did she make that awesome lunch but then she whipped up double chocolate chip cookies.  The girl knows me oh too well.

Top Right: Waiting for an oil change and there was an "O Magazine" for my reading pleasure.  I've never had a chance to check it out and I loved it!  Oprah is amazing and so incredibly successful.  Her magazine has such a positive message, filled with great content, beautiful glossy photos and I definitely want to subscribe.  My car got its carbon filter changed, so now it no longer smells like death.  Huzzah!

Bottom Left: That's my beautiful German Shepherd, Holly.  She's a beauty and getting bigger every week.  Any chance that she gets to snuggle on our bed, we find her already tucked in between pillows.  She's such a cuddle bug!  Recently we've been having difficulties finding a place to live once we go to Vandenberg AFB due to various factors.  Apartments just seem not plausible due to the fact that we have a dog, she's a large breed and she's a German Shepherd.  I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another.  I just wish these insurance companies could see how sweet she is and her love for licking toes and giving kisses (not necessarily in that order lol).

Bottom Right: One of my most recent crafts, an Americana Frame.  I've been meaning to send a great "thank you" to the officer that gave me my oath for commissioning but I felt a card didn't do it justice.  I bought an American-themed bandana from Michael's, soaked it in green tea and sewed it in bunches to create the bundled effect that you see.  The burlap layer was a specialty sheet in scrapbooking- how convenient!

It's almost hump day, ladies and gents!



  1. Oh Holly is adorable! Found your blog through Janes link up! Cute blog!

  2. Omg that lunch sounds amazing!! Holly is SO SO SO cute. Aww! And that frame is beautiful. I can't believe you made it! Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thank you Jane! This was my very first link-up and so much fun. I'll be sure to keep up with any upcoming ones :)