Sunday, August 5, 2012

Current Random Favesies

What sparked this blog post was yogurt. 
I have just tasted the most heavenly yogurt 
and I thought I would share a few other things 
that I have found to be awesome-ba 
(pronounced like Simba of "The Lion King" origin, but add "awesome" to it).

I actually had Yoplait's plain chocolate whips 
but sweet Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph 
was it delicious.  
I ate it like it was my last meal. 
I savored every bite.
Yogurt normally doesn't do that for me.
I've been loving Yoplait's new yogurt line and all of the spectacular flavors.
You can have a dessert in a small plastic cup & it's considered "healthy." 
I vote yes!
The chocolate whip just happens to have become a new staple to my diet.

If you're kind of addicted to DIY, like I am, 
then you need the Michael's app on your iPhone or Droid phone.
It is so incredibly handy and you get additional perks and coupons due to this.
I saved 40% on canvases the last time I was in there because of it.
All you have to do is show it at the register- it's that convenient.
I know this may be sacrilegious in the world of DIY
Butttttt I am kind of lovin' Michael's more than Hobby Lobby.
I love how Hobby Lobby is organized and offers a ton of home decor, 
but Michael's just has better deals.
There's also a Hobby Lobby app.
Do not doubt,
I have that one as well =]

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Lipstains are amazing! I have the Cherish Devotion (or something with Cherish) but it's brighter than a warm pink but not too bubble gummy.  They have a great finish on lips.  Unlike lipstick, they don't get on your teeth and they stain your lips, so unlike lipgloss it actually lasts.  I got over how it looks like you're drawing with a crayon on your lips because the product is well worth your moola.

I used to hate on Essie, but I've changed my mind.
Yes, I've flip-flopped but I don't regret it.
Their color selection is fantastic and I lurve the metallics collection.
This gold comes out on your nails just like it's displayed on the bottle,
making it perfect for doing fun stripes or just to deck out your nails in
luminous gold
King Midas, anyone?


  1. Reading this made me have an instant hankering for yogurt... Not normal.

    1. It's like a dessert. Way to go Yoplait. I needed this back in grade school ;)